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Which Game Of Thrones Character Represents Your Zodiac Sign author image DIGVIJAYA SINGH Editor

Which Game Of Thrones Character Represents Your Zodiac Sign

author image

1. Jon Snow

Leaving everything behind to join the dilapidated Night’s Watch and going beyond the wall to confront every goddamn monstrous creature out there are things only a person high on adrenaline can think of. Jon Snow, though he doesn’t know anything, should acknowledge that being an Arian he is passionate about almost anything in the world which is daring and requires guts. He hates giving even a shred of a shit to roadblocks and is fond of walking straight in the direction of his balls.

2. Robert Baratheon

The Protector of the Realm and one of the few good-natured A-list celebrities in the Seven Kingdoms, Robert Baratheon leads a devil-may-care life despite being surrounded by predators. He is free, independent, and walks his own path; but that doesn’t mean he is unconcerned about people who genuinely care for his wellness. His Taurean traits are the reasons why he is bighearted, humble and genteel toward Ned Stark – his trusted lieutenant cum bud.

3. Petyr Baelish

No matter how fucked up your surroundings are; you can easily make your way out and outmaneuver the rest, given you’re a true Gemini like Littlefinger. Other than unparalleled intellect and sheer brilliance, he can also amaze you with his wittiness and admirable sense of humor. He is the only all-rounder available who can manage whores, befool headiest of the diplomats, and shut down the voices of others complying with time’s demand.

4. Cersei Lannister

Because of her protective and caring nature, Cersei can go to any extent in order to insure the safety and happiness of her near and dear ones. Whatever she did for Joffrey or is doing for Jaime is nothing but her Cancerian attributes showing how emotional and sensitive she could be in unexpected turn of events. However, one must remember that her greatest strength lies in her tremendous improvisation skills. She is just amazing in hitting the nail at the right time.

5. Daenerys Targaryen

An ardent follower of no-nonsense policy, highly energetic and full of positivity, Daenerys perfectly fits the assembly of a Leo. She treats terrible dragons as pomeranian puppies demonstrating the badass nature of her sun sign, and at the same time she showers her kindness by absolving poor slaves wherever she goes. A genuine boss who hates being bossy, her aura oozes an energetic message for low-spirited folks, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
Daenerys Targaryen

6. Sansa Stark

Standing out as a frugal and modest human being, Sansa is the standard prototype of a Virgo you can count on. She witnessed the downfall of her father as well as other family members in horrendous circumstances, but coupled with practicality and terrific analytical power she survived tormentors and carried herself out to safety and freedom. She isn’t a showboat but knows very well when and how to sprout the wings of intelligence.
Sansa Stark

7. Eddard Stark

Be it settling down a tensed up situation or charming someone with outstanding oratory abilities, Ned Stark always ends up stealing the show like a Libra does. Though he never got full cooperation in protecting the Iron Throne, he managed to exhibit his diplomatic skills as the Hand of the King and earned esteem for negotiating things brilliantly. His firm belief in justice and morality is what makes him a reverend figure in the crowd full of mutts.
Ned Stark

8. Tyrion Lannister

When all gentlemen and self-proclaimed Einsteins drop their weapons while fixing something up, give a holler to Tyrion ‘Scorpio’ Lannister, for he has a special knack for rectifying nastiest of the loopholes with extraordinary deftness. A wild genius who knows you better than yourself, Tyrion is simply cool, well-versed, fearless and brutally honest. Advising Jon Snow, coming out alive from the Vale of Arryn, virtuous affection for Shae or displaying wizardry at the Battle of the Blackwater; he is always the man of hour.
Tyrion Lannister

9. Arya Stark

In spite of losing nearly everyone and everything she once loved, Arya continued marching ahead like a champ with ‘never say no’ attitude as her underlying nature. Staggeringly adventurous as she is, Arya is a classic Sagittarian programmed to cross even the beastliest paths of life comfortably. One might consider her fragile by appearance, but truth to be told, she is the only one around carrying super human strength in her veins. She just loves functioning in stealth mode!
Arys Stark

10. Lord Varys

There’s not actually that much thrill in the life of Lord Varys, but he surely is a person who can stir your psyche with his Capricornian moves bolstered up with pragmatism, wisdom and incredible patience. His ambitiousness and highly disciplined behavior not only helped him in overpowering his troubled childhood but also elevated him to the Small Council as one of the trusted consultants of the King of the Seven Kingdoms.

11. Bran Stark

Bran is a proficient conversationalist who also happens to be eternally curious about the world around him. Guiding the dimwit Hodor who can’t do anything apart from Hodoring and convincing the wildling Osha to safeguard his brother Rickon, are merely a glimpse of his sharp intelligence and supremacy in tactical abilities. Now, when these qualities blend with his friendly manner, he suddenly goes up like a first-class Aquarian who can be trusted anytime in biblical sense.
Bran Stark

12. Catelyn Stark

With compassion flowing in her bloodstream and spirit embroidered with badassery, Lady Stark is a super mom who could be labeled as a perfect amalgam of masculinity and femininity. She was compelled to leave her ailing child behind, but she knew her motherly love and other responsibilities were required somewhere else at larger extent. She selflessly made a dash for mending things and showed how sensible she could be even in perilous conditions. Any doubt as to why she is a Pisces?
Lady Stark

And those who think astrology and all these Greek creations are…umm…Greek, can say:


The zodiac signs of these characters were first discovered on this Facebook page.


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