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The March 2021 New Moon Will Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs BY ROYA BACKLUND


The March 2021 New Moon Will Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs

Every 28 days, the lunar cycle tells a story. However, this story always begins with the new moon, which is the moment the moon is cloaked in the shadow of night, hidden from view. Even though the moon is not revealing itself, it's still doing so much behind the scenes. It's encouraging you to let go of the energy you've been carrying as you embrace a new beginning. While new beginnings are often filled with hope, sometimes they can be just as overwhelming. After all, it depends on what you're starting with, and if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst March 2021 new moon, you may be starting from a heavy and emotional place.

To be perfectly honest, every single zodiac sign will likely feel emotional during the upcoming new moon. Taking place on March 13 at 5:20 a.m. ET, this new moon rises in spiritual, vulnerable, empathetic, and highly sensitive Pisces. This mutable water sign is the last sign in the zodiac wheel and it's often considered to be the most emotional zodiac sign of all. It's also often thought of as the most psychic. That's because Pisces is inherently connected to the spirit world, taking you through trippy dream sequences and inundating you with earth-shattering intuitive downloads.

However, even though the energy of Pisces might feel intense, it can be just as healing. Use this new moon to let go of anger and guilt as you release yourself from the pain you've been holding. But before you can release this pain, you must first surrender to the process of actually feeling it.

If you happen to have your sun or rising sign in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, this is why the upcoming new moon might be an even more over-the-top experience:

Worst March 2021 New Moon

Aries: You're Looking Inside Your Soul And Finding Forgiveness

This new moon is a highly personal experience for you, Aries. In fact, you might feel like withdrawing from reality and insulating yourself in solitude and daydreaming. That's because your intuition and your imagination are speaking louder than your conscious mind, encouraging you to embrace the silence it takes in order to hear what your inner voice is saying. Discover your inner voice through journaling and meditation, because chances are, it's asking you to let go of the past and forgive yourself for your mistakes. Set yourself free from it all.

Leo: You're Breaking Away With What You've Already Outgrown

You might be feeling overwhelmed during this new moon, Leo. It may even have you connecting with your shadow self and spending time with the part of yourself that's hard to live with. There's no reason to pressure yourself into feeling positive and optimistic all the time. Life is hard and it's important to acknowledge that. In fact, acknowledging your strife inevitably informs you how to make things better. It informs you what you're ready to break away from, because you deserve so much better. Let this new moon help you begin the process of transformation; a process that involves a loss and a gain.

Sagittarius: You're Embracing What Your Heart Truly Needs

This new moon will tap into your heart, reminding you of what "love" and "nurturing" truly mean, Sagittarius. It's easy to have goals that extend far away from home; goals that have to do with your career and your public persona. However, without a solid home base, your life inevitably experiences an imbalance. This new moon is encouraging you to create a cozier corner of your world; a place where you feel safe and sound. Who do you want to spend time with when you let your guard down? Where do you like spending most of your time, if not at home?


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