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The Spring Equinox Is a Time of Renewal and New Beginnings


The Spring Equinox Is a Time of Renewal and New Beginnings

Here's how to celebrate the first day of spring, based on your star sign.


When you wake up on the morning of March 20, you might find yourself feeling a little bit lighter. A certain spring in your step, so to speak. That’s because Saturday, March 20 is the official start of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, which begins when the sun rises at 5:37 AM.

The spring (or vernal) equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator line and moves north. During the equinox, there appears to be nearly equal hours of day and night, hence the name: Equinox literally means “equal night” in Latin. The equinox only occurs twice in a year—in March to mark the beginning of spring, and in September for autumn (the reverse is true in the Southern Hemisphere).

With its promise of the earth blossoming, the vernal equinox has often been linked with spiritual significance. Think: Clean slates, optimism, and anything being possible with spring in the air.

As a result, the arrival of spring has been celebrated by communities around the world and throughout history, from the ancient Roman festival that honored the goddess Cybele to gatherings at the Mayan architectural site Chichén Itzá, where the equinox's unique lighting circumstances create a shadowy image on the Kukulcan Pyramid's stone walls. Contemporary holidays celebrated around this time include Holi, Passover, and Easter. Nowruz, the Persian New Year, falls directly on the vernal equinox, as does the wiccan holiday of Ostara.

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Similarly, when it comes to astrology, the vernal equinox also holds a deep significance: It’s the start of the astrological new year, which begins when the sun enters Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) in the Northern Hemisphere. From there, the sun starts a new journey around the 12 signs.

Whether looking through the lens of science, astrology, or religion, the vernal equinox is a time of new beginnings. Now's a chance to set your intentions for the year ahead: What do you hope to accomplish or manifest into reality? As we approach this spiritual moment, here are some suggestions for rituals, tailor-made for your sun sign. Add them to the list of seasonal activities, like painting eggs or planting flowers, you may already be doing.

Aries Spring Ritual

Aries, you've been giving a lot of energy to relationships and friendships. Now, it’s time to shift the focus back onto you. Do something nice for yourself during the vernal equinox. Treat yourself to a gift like a bouquet of seasonal flowers, a DIY manicure, a new candle, or something sparkly to celebrate the most important person in your life: you. After all, you deserve to spoil yourself once in a while. Now's the time.

Taurus Spring Ritual

Breathe in, breathe out. During the spring equinox, focus on that mind-body connection. Download a meditation app and do light yoga to relax. Once you decompress, you might find yourself more aware and in tune with your life (and hey, maybe with the universe, too). This will allow the energies of the new season to stimulate you, helping you feel as though you're having your own personal spring awakening.

Gemini Spring Ritual

Gemini, you team player, you. You face a time of collaboration in the days ahead. Resist the urge to take charge. Instead, take a step back and try to work alongside your colleagues, friends and family. Let everyone have a say now, and be especially open to their views. But in order to remember what your views are, start a journaling habit that will carry you through the rest of the year.

Cancer Spring Ritual

The weather is getting warmer—but for some reason, you can't make time to go outside and bask in the sun. You're in full-on work mode, and weirdly, you love it. As you're swept up in this productive energy, try to only commit to projects that you feel deeply passionately about. Finally, take a break to enjoy things going on in your orbit. Translation? Work hard, but not too hard. We won't tell your boss.

Leo Spring Ritual

You’re feeling more wanderlust than usual, due to the equinox adding fuel to your fiery sentiments. Traveling is more than a bit complicated at the moment—but that doesn’t mean the world can’t come to you. Thanks to your flair for ambiance (and throwing parties), you can set the mood at home. Craft the ultimate staycation. We’re thinking of delicious fruity cocktails (or mocktails) with edible petals for happy hour.

Virgo Spring Ritual

For Virgos, this season brings one primary joy: Spring cleaning. Now's your chance to emulate your favorite organization shows (we know you watch 'em) and declutter your living space. But since this is a season of cycles, don’t throw your stuff away. Instead, recycle everything that’s salvageable by hosting a yard sale, or donating your old items to charity. Letting go of possessions that you no longer need or that have passed their prime will benefit you now. It’ll make you feel energetically lighter as the year begins again.

Libra Spring Ritual

Love is in the air this spring. Before running toward your romantic sentiments at a full throttle pace, think about what you truly want out of your relationships. Once you come to terms with your emotional needs and desires, then you can be a better partner and fight for who or what you love. The same goes for all relationships this spring, Libra. Take this time to think deeply about yourself, and others, by asking the deep and important questions about values, experiences, and dreams for the future. From there, you'll be able to build toward a shared future.

Scorpio Spring Ritual

Self-care isn't a perk—it's a necessity for you during the spring equinox. You’ve been working hard all winter long and are in need of a break. Make "rest and relaxation" the theme of your spring. But disconnecting from the world will require discipline. Turn off that cell phone. Be present in your life. Our advice? Take a bath. Not only will it relax your mind and body—it'll keep the world at bay (briefly).

Sagittarius Spring Ritual

Get sentimental, Sagittarius. Shepherd your natural sparks of enthusiasm toward making someone else's day, like a friend or a romantic partner. This spring, get creative in how how you express your heartfelt sentiments. Write handwritten postcards, send flowers, or have candlelight dinners with your significant other.

Capricorn Spring Ritual

Time to stock up on some interior decorating books, Capricorn. During the spring equinox, focus on fine-tuning your personal sanctuary. Don’t go overboard and paint the walls bright green. Instead, think small: Swap out throw pillows, or find some new artwork you love. Better vibe, better you.

Aquarius Spring Ritual

In spring, the world opens up. That means it's time for you to come out of your hibernation shell, too. Reach out to friends and family that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Laugh, reflect, and get nostalgic. Picking up the phone (or texting or Zooming) to share old stories will allow you to remember the person you were, and help you become the person you want to be.

Pisces Spring Ritual

Pisces, your Sun, Mercury, and Venus are moving into the second house this month—which signifies finances. So, use the spring equinox to do some spring cleaning...for your bank account. Pay more attention to your spending habits, whether that means creating a budget or cutting back in certain sectors. You may want to repeat this practice during the fall equinox in September.

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