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Earth Ox Years: 1949, 2009, 2069

Earth Ox

Earth Ox Years19492009, 2069
Active ElementEarth
Associated Sun SignCapricorn ♑
Ox ElementsWood OxFire OxEarth OxMetal Ox,Water Ox.
Earth Ox — sober and prudent. Everything does for sure, is getting old to get the maximum benefit from his work, is capable of even various frauds, just not to lose. Simple and rustic, can tell the truth in person, for which he is respected. They listen to him, because they know, since the Ox decided to speak, it means he has a sensible proposal. This Ox should often be in the company of friends, which will help him to become more communicative.
This person is hardy, but less creative than other Oxen. He is always true to his ideals and principles. He is aware of his shortcomings and limitations already in his youth. He will succeed in any work he chooses, since he is a practical, able-bodied person and is willing to pay the price that is necessary to achieve success. He willingly shares his share with other people and patronizes practical and worthy colleagues and friends. Its main goals are security and stability.
Despite the fact that he is emotionally dry and, as a rule, insensitive, he is capable of a sincere and long hobby and is always faithful to those he loves. He will constantly struggle to improve his life, and if he suffers, then in any case, no one will complain. Purposeful and decisive, Earth Ox can rise to unprecedented heights and it will be difficult to move it. He is the slowest, but also the most convinced of all the Oxen.

Earth Ox Chinese Zodiac

Zenith slowly descended from heaven and so the Earth was born. The earth is beautiful, warmed by the sun of summer and has created all the blessings of our world. Earth is a symbol of home and life. Wet and hot Earth after the heated heat is endowed with green fertile pastures. Such a land is a symbol of a secluded place, a corner for reflection and rest. She constrains movements, presses, slows down and sticks to the feet with her mud. This field can be a swamp. To be an Earth Ox does not mean to become a slave of the Earth. On Earth they work and do not need to bury themselves in it.
The Earth Ox has a strong physique, while excluding grace. They are solid, their body has powerful roundness, thick eyelashes, a yellow complexion and a round back with a flat belly. The Earth Ox is ready to start any work, having in mind a cool mind. They are ambitious, but in their goal and aspiration they are realists. They have an innate intuition in relation to business and finance. Are able to evaluate people well. They have a calm character and always cause admiration, because they are sincere and incorruptible. Representatives of the earthly sign of the Ox are too material, very fond of messing around in the land and growing plants. They can often be found surrounded by fertile products as a seller or a cook. These Oxen are not afraid of work, workaholics from God. They are thoughtful, like to meditate.
They should not be afraid to travel, all this will serve to improve their way of life. They are not afraid of difficulties, because they can do with the minimum of comfort. They have the property to think about the high, sublime, from them can become excellent musicians, painters and masters, but only in one case, if they suddenly give up their traditional habits. Earth Oxen are devoted to their friends and family. Often others ask them for kind advice.
At the end of the summer they feel best, in a humid climate especially. The most vulnerable organ is the stomach and spleen. They like all kinds of sweets, but they are not desirable for their diet, it is better for them to eat corn and veal. Earth Oxen recommended an active sport, and the abuse of food, leads them to obesity.
Their color is yellow, it brings them good luck.

Earth Ox Man

This serious man is completely focused on his business. Hardworking and responsible, preserves the sobriety of the mind under any circumstances. Earth Ox man is straightforward, always honestly expresses his opinion. It is impossible to take offense at this dear, simple-minded person, because he acts out of good motives. Friends pay tribute to his honesty and sincerity, often consulted on a variety of issues. But the principle of the Earth Ox sometimes hinders the resolution of business issues. Inability to pretend, lack of flexibility serve as an obstacle to career growth. True, the authorities recognize his high professionalism, at work he is an indisputable authority.
Women are quiet, modest Earth Ox seems not the most brilliant party. He does not know how, and does not want to look after, prefers to immediately identify his position. A man in love will not be delayed with a wedding, and an easy flirtation does not interest him. In family life, he manifests himself as a devoted, unselfish partner. He does not expect from his wife admiration and worship, he is ready to surround her with love and care, without demanding anything in return. True obvious disrespect and contempt sooner or later lead to a scandal. Still, the natural temper of the Oxen makes itself felt. Even this soft, flexible person is able to fall into a rage, is unrestrained in attacks of jealousy.

Earth Ox Woman

Women of this sign are smart enough and reasonable to get involved in questionable matters. Do not hover in the clouds, do not set themselves unachievable goals. The Earth Ox woman is ambitious, but will not intrigue, blatantly lie for success. Rather, she will prefer to work honestly in a rank-and-file position, than she will shamelessly seek the place of a leader. This industrious, responsible woman is respected by her colleagues, she has virtually no enemies. True, many mistakenly think of her as a weak person, unable to defend their interests. It is not necessary to check the woman of this sign for strength, in extreme circumstances it can be persistent and aggressive.
Calm Earth Oxen like men, attract their attention with their femininity. It seems that they can not even quarrel with them, they behave so reservedly. Indeed, in dealing with the surrounding people, women of this sign are held with dignity: do not say too much, do not interrupt. When they marry, they remain faithful to their spouse, they are not interested in novels on the side. They prefer to lead a quiet lifestyle, do not like noisy companies. All their time is devoted to the husband and children, in their house there is an ideal purity. Close people know that the Earth Ox is a sensible woman, you can apply to her for any advice. And the help will be selfless, her generosity knows no bounds.

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Tiger 虎 — third sign of the Chinese zodiac. Refers to the Yang, primal element — Wood. Year of Tiger (2022201019981986197419621950) — unpredictable, rebellious, colorful, powerful, passionate, bold, energetic, stimulating, sincere, gentle, humane, generous.

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