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Fire Ox Years: 1937, 1997, 2057

Fire Ox

Fire Ox Years: 1937, 1997, 2057
Active ElementFire
Associated Sun SignCapricorn ♑
Ox ElementsWood OxFire OxEarth OxMetal Ox,Water Ox.
Fire Ox is a conqueror. There are no roads on which he would not have passed. Everything is given to him not so easily, but quite quickly: he does everything accurately, competently and qualitatively. Mind, grip, assertiveness, honesty often allow him to become a leader. He does not have many friends, but they are devoted to him all his life, however, as he is to them. The family of this Ox is strong, friendly, in complete obedience to him. It would be good for the Fire Ox to listen to the opinion of family members, they, after all, are just as clever and stubborn, they are not "born yesterday" either.
Such people are impulsive demonstrators. Their greatest concern is power and their own importance. The element of Fire strengthens the Ox’s ability to self-control and creates a decisive character. As a result, such Ox may be stronger and more proud than other Oxen. The exception is the Metal Ox, which often surpasses Fiery in these qualities. The Fire Ox is a materialist, often subject to megalomania. Getting to a new place, he carries out consistent work to get rid of those things and people whom he considers useless and unsuitable. In doing so, he often detracts from the dignity of others. And yet more often he is objective and frank, but can be very tough with those who try to contradict him.
The element of Fire can cause Ox’s interest in the army and the battles. Sometimes the Fire Ox even believes that life consists exclusively of fighting opponents. The Fire Ox sometimes overestimates his abilities and weakly listens to the feelings of other people. Despite all this, he is the owner of an honest soul, and he does not seek to dominate others. His family will receive many thanks to his work, and he will love his family and take care that they have everything. The Fire Ox never forgets his duties. He, on the contrary, is always on the front line and ready to rush into battle.

Fire Ox Chinese Zodiac

On the southern side, heat was born in the sky when it sank down fertilized the earth. Thus was born the Fire. The element of fire embodies the heated noon, the South, the summer. This is the energy of Yang, it destroys, burns, burns. Usually such people have a bright complexion.
The Fire Ox is by nature a powerful person who likes to impose his opinion on everyone. In the work collective they are conscientious and diligent. Their eyes are simply unshakable. And if suddenly things start to develop differently than they planned, this is bad for the environment. Among other things, they are often prone to temporary moods and often do not take into account the opinions of others. They have many qualities necessary for the leader and often reach power, money and fame.
Fire Oxen attract politics, they are bright individuals. Often their aggression provokes their slowness, making the wrong move in the game. But the Fire Ox do not need to get carried away with these games, since it seems to them that victory is close in reality is just an illusion. At the moment of disappointment, the Fire Ox experiences fear of defeat. Fire Oxen are not standard, they are conquerors, and they do not need to bury their talent in the ground. Very often they are surrounded by loyal and close friends and are devoted to their loved ones.
Their season is summer, in hot weather they feel great. Vulnerable organs of the Fire Ox are the small intestine and heart. Fire Oxen love bitter food, but they are useful dishes from mutton and rice. These Oxen need to be careful and try to slow down their rhythm of life, since their nature is inherent slowness, they do not like to waste their plans. Fire Oxen have a love for pleasures because of this in old age it can cause a heart attack.
The color of luck and happiness is red.

Fire Ox Man

A persistent, self-assured man is admired, it seems that he is able to solve any problem. There are no barriers to the Fire Ox, who was determined to win. He will sweep away everything in his path, completely ignoring the opinion of the surrounding people. Often he is accused of spiritual callousness, he is so focused on his own interests. He tries to get a profession that guarantees a high salary, he does not care about work. In dealing with colleagues, he shows rigidity, categorical. With close people, he tries to be more reserved, but still has a reputation as a domestic tyrant and despot. True, this fact does not bother him at all.
In relations with women, representatives of this sign try to demonstrate all their best qualities: assertiveness, determination. It is impossible to imagine the Fire Ox rejected, he will find a way to achieve favorable treatment even from the most capricious beauty. The man takes care of the simple, but very passionate. Assigns the chosen lady with luxurious gifts, she spares no money for the fulfillment of her whims. However, it will not allow the lover to make any decisions without his approval. Immediately firmly stands for his position, it is he who is the leader in the relationship. In addition, the Fire Ox is a jealous man, trying to control every step of his wife.

Fire Ox Woman

For these emotional women, any objection or remark is a signal to the battle. Only they have the right to decide how and what needs to be done in each specific situation. At work the Fire Ox the woman appears in a way of the strict headmistress, though it can not be accused of injustice. Always respects good specialists, tries to help and support. In relations with relatives, he does not hesitate to dictate harsh conditions, while she is afraid of hearing a refusal. For all its equanimity, it is sufficiently vulnerable, and sometimes not sure of itself. The Fire Ox is a hardworking woman, faithful, a bit unrestrained, but at the same time reliable, you can always rely on her.
In a romantic relationship, the woman of this sign makes an incredible amount of demands on her chosen one. Will not tolerate bad habits, the more will not tolerate next to a loafer. She needs a strong partner, able to create comfortable living conditions. The Fire Ox is a woman worthy of all the best, this hardworking and purposeful person knows her own worth. If desired, she can solve all the problems herself, without resorting to the help of her lover. However, like all women, needs support, waiting for care and attention. In family life manifests herself as a loving wife and mother, although the husband and children should always and in all obey.

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Fire Ox
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