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Wood Rat Years: 1924, 1984, 2044

Wood Rat

Wood Rat Years: 1924, 1984, 2044
Active ElementWood
Associated Sun SignSagittarius ♐
Rat ElementsWood RatFire RatEarth RatMetal Rat,Water Rat.
Wood Rat is successful and punchy. Self-esteem makes her do something useful all the time, be in sight and in the thick of things. She is important opinion of others about her business and moral qualities, so she in the family, although planting her opinion, is trying not to "drive the relationship into a corner." These Rats should narrow the field of their interests, do not scatter on trifles, and concentrate all their efforts on the main direction.
Progressive, aimed at success and peace-loving, such Rats explore everything around and try to find something good in what surrounds them. Unrestrained and comprehensive at first glance, Wooden Rats are social people and are able to build systematic work in the team. Such people are far-sighted and always ask a lot of questions. Despite their egoism, such people seek universal approval and even admiration, so they tend to agree with many opinions.
Nevertheless, Wooden Rats have their own principles, and they know what they want. Such people set strict priorities, but they can show flexibility in order to achieve their goals. One of the reasons why the Wood Rat works a lot is the desire for security and constant concern for the future.
Outwardly such a person looks self-confident and charismatic and most often adheres to the business style of clothing and communication. He is a good speaker and can objectively communicate ideas and concepts to others and manage projects. It will not be difficult for him to get the support of management in his risky endeavors.

Wood Rat Chinese Zodiac

A strong east wind brought with it from the sky a life-giving force and warmth — so the Tree was born. This element adds to its owner an equilibrium. It represents the beginning of spring and a fresh climate. Those born under the sign of the Wood Rat are tall and slim, but they have a weak bone. Their skin is a dark complexion, the eyes are just perfect, and the hair is extraordinarily magnificent. They have beautiful lips, delicate legs and arms and just velvet skin. About the Wood Rat can only dream, because these are the true seducers and the most beautiful among other species of the Rat. Also, worth noting is that people who were born under this sign, are considered extraordinary lucky.
Such people like to live in harmony and beauty, they are very elegant and refined. The element of the Tree gives its owner an enchantment and a creative approach in contrast to such qualities as the desire to destroy with uncontrollable force. They, possessing an innate quick temper, sometimes just do not notice the measures of their own dignity. Their aggressiveness is not what does not hold back, and whims are often just limitless.
They, however, successfully suppress their aggression and try to do everything without haste and with utmost caution. When their lives pose a dead end, they are capable of improvisation and creative application of their innate talent. Such Rats will feel comfortable when working in the field, and creating poems and poems, they are characterized by the multifaceted and balanced nature of their elements.
Passion for travel and a huge imagination pushes them to art, and a great sense of humor will only help if they want to become writers. Wood Rats have a vigorous perception of everything that is happening, but sometimes this can change their character. They are born speakers and use their gift in the struggle for freedom and justice. They just need to try themselves in the political arena, because this is the best way for them to realize their potential.
Wooden Rats are characterized by an open and friendly nature that has to them their colleagues and loved ones. The flexible and perspicacious mind of these Rats, pushes them to try themselves in something new. They fear instability in their lives, but this is unlikely due to their intelligence.
Spring and its fresh breath are considered the most favorable for such people. It is in the spring that they feel themselves on the rise of their vital forces and emotions, because their elements begin to blossom. A common illness for these people are renal and urolithic insufficiency. In eating Wood Rats prefer dishes from poultry and rye bread. They also like acidic foods and food, but you need to try to exclude acidic foods from the diet, and take care of an already vulnerable liver. It is also not worth to abuse alcoholic beverages, there is a high probability of cirrhosis of the liver, as well as alcoholism.
Green is their color of life, success and prosperity, and also the patron of the Wood Rat.

Wood Rat Man

The life of men of this sign obeys a strict order, in it there are almost no surprises. Although it is creatively gifted and even romantic nature. They just know how to restrain their emotions, they have an analytical mind. The Wood Rat is a charming man, adores being in the center of attention, maintains friendly relations with a huge number of people. However, carefully hides his thoughts, rather it seems like a nice guy, the soul of the company, than he really does. Enough smart and cunning to be content with small. Ambitious and ambitious, in the desire to achieve their goals can be cruel and ruthless.
In the society of women Wooden Rats, men demonstrate their best qualities, look after themselves beautifully and very aggressively. This gallant, self-confident cavaliers, are of great interest already from the first minutes of acquaintance. They differ in loyalty and devotion, making their choice, instantly forget about the existence of other women. The chosen one can be sure that this man can arrange a joint life in the best way. In a marriage with him you will not have to experience serious material problems, he will always find a way to earn. In addition, it has a rich imagination, even the solution of ordinary domestic issues easily turns into an exciting activity.

Wood Rat Woman

The woman of this sign is too active and energetic to pass in front of life’s difficulties, boldly tackles any problems. It has a sufficient supply of internal forces, realistically assesses its capabilities. At the same time she shows ordinary female weaknesses, loves to dress up and loves to flirt. Wood Rat depends on the opinions of surrounding people, craves universal attention and approval. Usually has a good relationship with colleagues at work, and with numerous acquaintances. The woman of this sign is happy with any communication, preferably with as many people as possible. True, she shows reasonable caution: she prefers listening, not talking.
The Wood Rat is charming, bright, knowing how to attract the attention of men. Cleverly suppresses her emotions, tries not to show aggression. She is attentive and friendly to her chosen one, if necessary she can insist on her without quarrels and scandals. Has the gift of suggestion, and acts gently, treats with immense respect for the opinion of the partner. In marriage manifests itself as an exemplary wife, a practical hostess. Able to equip a family nest with minimal expenses. This is not just a responsible, caring mother, but also a creatively gifted person. She tries to bring up in children a sense of dignity and love for everything beautiful.

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