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Fire Pig Years: 1947, 2007, 2067

Fire Pig

Fire Pig Years: 1947, 2007, 2067
Active ElementFire
Associated Sun SignScorpio ♏
Pig ElementsWood PigFire PigEarth PigMetal Pig,Water Pig.
Fire Pig is energetic, active, thoroughly takes up any business. She is straightforward in her judgments and statements, often to risk consciously to achieve a result. This is an addicting nature, quickly losing interest, if something distracted him. In money matters, she is lucky, she treats household members with generosity, surrounding them with attention and care. Perhaps, sometimes people of this sign do not have enough circumspection, because they have an innate tendency to take risks and enthusiasm.
Fire fills the Pig with strong, very saturated emotions. Thanks to this, she has smiled and is courageous in her endeavors and can make her plans come true decisively — and sometimes recklessly. She is able to achieve the highest success, or, degraded, fall to the very bottom, depending on which path she chooses and how strong the rope to which she bound her inexhaustible energy and sensuality.
The Fire Pig never fears the unknown. Undaunted, optimistic and self-trusting person, she will try luck in everything and succeed in spite of all the troubles. She is moved by love, and she will try to accumulate wealth to provide a beautiful life for all her family, which for her comes first. Easily does favors to everyone, even strangers, and is known for giving generously to friends.
In a bad mood this Pig becomes uncomprehending, rude, suffering from feelings of guilt. In general, however, it is characterized by the breadth of the soul and the absence of prejudice. She likes the sphere of production and other enterprises where labor is required, because she likes to hire a lot of people and give them the opportunity to succeed.

Fire Pig Chinese Zodiac

The element of Fire lends an intensity that Pig personalities do not usually have. Most Pigs are social, but those born as Fire Pigs are incredibly extroverted, feel a deep desire to seek out crowds of people and interact socially. Without a strong group of friends, a Fire Pig will feel lost. Although all Pigs are determined and hardworking, a Fire Pig will stop at nothing to achieve his or her aims.
Fire Pigs usually have more ambition that the average Pig person. Most Pigs are content as long as they are busily working away, but a Fire Pig will be more inclined to climb the corporate ladder. These people make good bosses, because they work extremely hard and motivate their employees to do the same. Although they are fair minded people, it is best not to take advantage of a Fire Pig’s trusting nature.
Once you cross a Fire Pig, and he or she knows that he or she can’t trust you any longer, you will feel his or her wrath! Most Pigs can be very forgiving, but a Fire Pig will really make you earn that forgiveness, if you get it at all. Fire Pigs are a good combination of hard work and ambition.

Fire Pig Man

External calm and goodwill should not be misleading: the man of this sign is temperamental nature. It is impatient, demanding, capable of resisting fiercely. Fire Pig Man is ambitious, will not agree to anything. She strives for a beautiful life, but not just dreams about it, but works hard and hard. Attentive to everyone around, trying to hide his real thoughts. If necessary, help anyone who needs his support. His kindness is often used by not quite decent people. Upon learning of the betrayal, the Fire Pig falls into a rage, his punishment will be cruel and fast.
In a romantic relationship, the man of this sign is looking for bright emotions, sensual pleasure. He is a very passionate person, he likes beautiful, spectacular women. Is able to find an approach to any girl, persistently cares, shows not only imagination, but also unprecedented generosity. The Fire Pig is a respectable man, he can easily find himself a worthy companion of life. Jealous, so his wife must show her loyalty and devotion. No flirting, even dresses should be modest. Although a woman who is too serious will quickly get bored with him. The chosen woman of this capricious man faces a difficult task: a provocative beauty and decency in one bottle.

Fire Pig Woman

This quiet, modest woman seems a completely harmless creature. With her there are no difficulties, she is always ready to go to a meeting, to sacrifice her own interests. Although in the case of danger acts boldly and decisively. Fire Pig woman is quick-tempered, does not tolerate betrayal and deception. You can lie to her as much as you like, but the payment will be terrible. For all its goodwill, this is a vindictive person. It can turn from a kind, sympathetic woman into an evil fury. She will pursue the ill-wisher until he is completely defeated. Although she can forgive, it’s still a noble nature. It is important to achieve justice, but cruelty is not peculiar to it.
Fire Pig is a temperamental woman, she needs a partner who can wake up a volcano of passions. Love compliments, dreams of romantic adventures. The elect must himself guess about her desires, will not beg, and even more so beg for gifts and attention. Itself is ready to sacrifice for the sake of the man all that she has. But as soon as the passion subsides, the chosen one will be immediately expelled from her life. Has the ability to quickly get carried away and quickly cool down, such is her natural nature and no one can influence the woman of this sign. In marriage, she manifests herself as a caring mother, devoted to children until the end of her days. But husbands can change, rarely stops on one partner.

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Aries ♈ — the first zodiac sign. The cardinal positive sign of fire symbolizes the active movement and manifestation of light in the world. It is a symbol of offensive power, striving for life, initiative and courage.

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