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Water Rat Years: 1912, 1972, 2032

Water Rat

Water Rat Years: 1912, 1972, 2032
Active ElementWater
Associated Sun SignSagittarius ♐
Rat ElementsWood RatFire RatEarth RatMetal Rat,Water Rat.
Water Rat — always aware of all events. She is erudite, intelligent, inquisitive and has her own opinion on everything. Intuition, in this Rat, can reach the scale of foresight. This rat respects the opinions of others, appreciates their freedom and independence. She often gets into politics, becomes a prominent public figure who can organize any business. It would be generally ideal if it would more often realize not only in words but also in deeds, its natural abilities and not so vehemently hide the shortcomings that are still manifesting.
Water Rats are larger than other types of Rats, like to exercise their minds and think deeply. Such a lively mind will help to easily find a common language with people in all spheres of your life. They will be respected and promoted by their talents through their ability to understand other people and get along with them. Such people are often conservatives and appreciate traditions. They prefer to swim with the flow rather than fight it. At the same time they are calculating and observant. A person born under this sign will demonstrate the qualities necessary to strengthen his influence in those areas of life that interest him.
Water Rats instinctively understand the sympathies and antipathies of other people and know how to please those people who could help them. At the same time, they are not very selective and are ready to trust anyone who listens to them. And this can be a problem for them. Water Rats often have a writer’s talent. They tend to read a lot and learn all their life, as they are accustomed to draw knowledge from everywhere.

Water Rat Chinese Zodiac

In the northern outskirts of the heavens, there was a cold, which appeared in the form of snow on the ground. So there was the element of Water. Water is a symbol of life and a source of fertility, but it can also manifest itself in the form of a lethal cold of ice. Such contradictory properties of water are very original manifested in people born under her. The "Water Rats" have a rounded oval face and slightly forward eyes, fragile and thick hair, tender skin to touch, and an elongated, fragile torso. They have tender and very weak hands.
If the Water Rat is more dominated by the cold side of the water — ice, they get cold and unfeeling mores. They have almost no passion, but only a cold calculation, which, incidentally, is a guarantee and peaceful existence. This type of rat is dull in dealing with people and tearful in life. They can long regret themselves and mourn their wounded nature.
Calmness and peace of character of this type of people, which is characteristic of Water Rats, allows them to gain sympathy from people familiar with it. The excellent ability of this type of rats is the ability to calm any aggressor, and to prevent conflict situations. What contributes to the element of Water, which makes the Rat not so scary and aggressive. In work, they have no equal, and they can find themselves in almost any profession, since they are not afraid of any emerging difficulties in their path. In the case, they are cold-blooded and smart and protect the interests of the public on a par with their own interests.
Water Rats should not hesitate in their actions and as soon as possible to destroy the wall of ice, which it is often surrounded. Therefore, it is worth fighting to show your true face to others.
They are serious and formulate their thoughts accurately and extremely clearly, which convinces the others of their rightness. A well-developed intellect and innate discernment, as well as an impatient craving for knowledge and study makes this species of Rats, perhaps, the most gifted among other people. However, the desire to find as many friends as possible, so as not to remain alone, sometimes reduces them to unreliable people because of what they often suffer.
Possessing a poor concentration of listening to Water Rats should not strive for two birds with one stone at a time, but rather focus on one particular case, otherwise they run the risk of remaining, as they say "at the broken trough." Thanks to the potential of this type of people, they have the opportunity to become famous writers and poets. But due to innate qualities, as well as different characters, only a few "Water Rats" will be able to display their literary future.
In winter and in cold weather, Water Rat feels most comfortable, and experiences a huge burst of energy. They should be convinced of the special attention to kidney disease, since this is their weakest organ. How sad it would sound, but it is the Water Rats that are highly prone to diseases of the kidney system, pathological kidney disease, and colic in the abdomen. In cooking, they prefer salty dishes. They have a special predisposition to pork and pea dishes.
The color symbolizing the Water Rat and bringing prosperity and success to it, is blue.

Water Rat Man

A peaceable character, the ability to smooth out conflicts are the undoubted merits of the men of this sign. Balanced people have a unique ability to be friends with everyone. Strong intuition allows you to move in the right direction, for them the thoughts of others are not a great mystery. They perfectly know the weaknesses of their opponents, they understand how best to support friends and relatives. They are highly respected, often it is their opinion that is accepted as the only true. Water Rat is a man, ready for compromise, but self-sufficient enough. In the resolution of business issues, he shows determination and perseverance. Has a sharp mind, and most importantly: unlimited patience.
In relationships with women, the Water Rat is a sensitive, caring partner. The chosen one can not doubt his honesty and decency, he will not deceive his beloved. Creatively gifted man has a rich imagination, beautifully cares. This is a real romantic, subtly feeling the desire of a woman. With him it is impossible to find out the relationship for a long time, this is the most peace-loving person in the world. He prefers to spend as much time as possible with his family, he likes a measured lifestyle. True, he expects from close attention and attention, he feels the need to approve his actions. Still, this is a sensitive and vulnerable person.

Water Rat Woman

Women born in the Year of the Water Rat are distinguished by their calm nature. They like to reflect on different topics, to dream, but try not to share their thoughts with others. They are sociable enough, have many friends with whom they maintain good relations for many years. It is impossible to imagine these lovely women in a bad mood. They are always collected, polite and friendly. The career of Water Rats is quite successful, they are intelligent and hardworking, besides they easily find a common language with colleagues and superiors. Often occupy leadership positions, make a lot of efforts for this. Colleagues listen to their opinion, trust the intuition of women of this sign.
Water Rats are soft, calm women, in the family life to fully demonstrate these qualities. Practical housewives keep the house in perfect cleanliness. They love their work, but they can not be called careerists. If necessary, they will easily give up everything for the sake of husband and children. From women of this sign beautiful mothers are obtained, patient and caring. It gives them great pleasure to do household chores, play with kids. Do not try to impose their opinions, always respect the decision of children. Water Rats women are quite determined, able to stand up for close people. For all its gentleness, they will not allow the rival’s interference in the family relations.

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