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Metal Pig Years: 1911, 1971, 2031

Metal Pig

Metal Pig Years: 1911, 19712031
Active ElementMetal
Associated Sun SignScorpio ♏
Pig ElementsWood PigFire PigEarth PigMetal Pig,Water Pig.
For people of this element, honor and honesty are above many other qualities. They are energetic, active and purposeful. They are distinguished by their openness and a wonderful sense of humor. They like to relax and do it with pleasure. They have many friends and admirers, but sometimes people of this type can be too gullible, it’s always worth remembering and not taking all the information at face value.
Proud, passionate Pig, overwhelmed by emotions and moods, which values its reputation. She is more volitional than other Pigs, and loves to dominate more; His appetites are often large, and this can lead to indecisiveness or tactlessness.
She is very sociable, extraverted and openly demonstrates his attachments. It is unlikely that she will be secretive, rather direct and trustful to the point of naivety. Because of this, she underestimates her enemies and overestimates her friends. Ambitious and strong, but not always objective, the Metal Pig is a dangerous opponent, because in anger or resentment it can be cruel.
The Metal Pig is endowed with great creative power. He is a resolute, active figure, who has enough strength for ten.

Metal Pig Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, every person is not only affected by an animal sign, but an element as well. A person born under the Chinese sign of the Pig who is tempered by Metal can be quite headstrong. Pigs are not as obstinate as Oxen, but a Metal Pig can come close. Metal Pigs can be quite headstrong, because they are so confidant in their abilities and choices.
Although most Pigs dislike conflict, a Metal Pig is willing to stand against others sometimes when he or she is absolutely sure that he or she is right. These Pigs are very hard working, and often take a leadership, rather than a peacekeeping role in the workplace. Their leadership style is still one of reconciliation rather than domination, however.
Metal Pigs do not hesitate to commit all of themselves to any project they take on. Whether it is in the workplace or a relationship, people born as Metal Pigs according to the Chinese Zodiac are willing to work themselves to the bone.
Metal Pigs, like most Pig people, are among the most trustworthy in the Chinese horoscope. One problem this can cause for them is that they are ready and willing to trust others just as much as they themselves can be trusted. A Metal Pig trusts others right away, and only removes that trust after they have been betrayed. Metal Pigs could benefit from a little more caution in this regard.

Metal Pig Man

An energetic, purposeful man is building very ambitious plans. He wants to achieve recognition, but not at any cost, but solely by his diligence and diligence. He has excellent organizational skills, people admire his business qualities. Metal Pig is a man active, easily achieves success, and manages to maintain good relations even with competitors. Bribes his kindness, sincerity, industriousness. This is an honest, just man, responsibly approaching any business. For all his employment, he finds time to relax. He likes funny companies, knows how to be friends, is infinitely devoted to close people.
This man is looking for an ideal relationship, not only the external beauty of a woman, but also her inner world is important to him. Self-confident enough, so do not be afraid of difficulties, can achieve the love of the most impregnable beauty. Metal Pig is a temperamental man, there are always a lot of fans around him. He is distinguished by a judicious approach to life, does not begin to marry, until he is finally convinced of the power of his feelings. He dreams of a strong family, his plans do not include relations with other women. He cares carefully for his wife and children, he does everything possible for their happy life. He likes to gather guests in his house, a big fan of friendly gatherings with songs and dances until the morning.

Metal Pig Woman

This sociable woman likes to have fun with her family and friends. For all his openness and cheerfulness, she will not start dating unpleasant people. Behind external frivolity hides a self-confident person. Metal Pig is an ambitious woman, strives for success, works hard and works hard. And finds time for friends, has the talent to combine several cases at once. An energetic, purposeful woman causes constant admiration, the authorities often set her as an example to other employees. However, she is rarely envious, she is so simple and cute: she never exaggerates her dignity, she does not boast of achievements.
The Metal Pig is a strong woman, but strives to find a strong male shoulder. She is looking for true love, will not reciprocate with one who has not been able to awaken passion in her. Differs cheerful character, waits for admirers of extraordinary actions, does not like boring people. I am ready to go for the chosen one to the end of the world. Having married, she shows herself as an impeccable mistress. In her house reigns order, has a good taste, tries to create a perfect family nest. For all her love for her husband and children, she will not become a housewife, on the contrary, she will take up the construction of a career with redoubled force. After all, close people for the Metal Pig — a huge incentive for development.

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