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Metal Tiger Years: 1950, 2010, 2070

Metal Tiger

Metal Tiger Years19502010, 2070
Active ElementMetal
Associated Sun SignAquarius ♒
Tiger ElementsWood TigerFire TigerEarth Tiger,Metal TigerWater Tiger.
Metal Tiger is a great experimenter. Kind, clever, persistent, does not stop at anything until he gets it. But when something goes wrong, as he conceived, it is better not to be like him! He’s catchy, confident, sociable, he’s always in the spotlight. Dimensionality and patience can save metal Tigers from many troubles.
Metal Tiger is very talkative. He is always active, often aggressive and quick-tempered. He is not always artistic, but often maintains a spectacular image, so it’s hard not to notice. He is self-centered and boastful, loves rivalry and can work tirelessly, if properly motivated.
He solves all problems directly and often radically and never doubts what he wants. The problem is most often that he wants everything at once. He is overly optimistic in his expectations.
The metal of the celestial trunk of the year of birth can give birth to a determined, sharp and radical Tiger. Such a person is faithful only to himself and is not afraid to follow strangers’ heads. He is very prone to both positive and negative influences, but he tries to behave independently and does not like to be instructed or somehow restricts his freedom.

Metal Tiger Chinese Zodiac

A man born under the sign of the metallic Tiger is between the ability to realize his plans and destruction. He is energetic, but does not show particularly strong emotions. The metal sign makes it a little angular, it has a bad sense of humor, such a Tiger can easily be drawn into a mystical sect. These people are beautiful physique, with a strong physical body. Hard hair, straight nose, sensual lips. From them the primary beauty wails.
Metal is a symbol of energy. He gives a person the ability of a lawyer and the resourcefulness of a lawyer. These people are used to the primacy and hate to be even the most fortunate clerks. The sign of Metal does not recognize any nuances, it always goes ahead, its tendency to tear, grab, and destroy.
The Metal Tiger sign can create an external impression, and many are respected for it. Metal Tigers are friendly in nature and open, in many directions are ambitious. It happens that they change their plans, but they will never retreat until they reach their goal. Often they are too impatient, and when they do not get something, they become nervous.
They prefer autumn and dry climatic conditions. The most vulnerable organ of the body is the lungs. Such people love the sharp, but they are best suited dishes from beef and peas. They adore ecstasy and asceticism. They need to monitor their breathing and circulation. They are well suited to fresh air, to strengthen the lungs.
Their color of inspiration is golden.

Metal Tiger Man

In this man there is a huge inner strength, the ability to make bold decisions. Surrounding people admire his perseverance, optimism, ability to survive in the most difficult situations. Ambitious and ambitious enough to achieve his goal. Do not think that he dreams of an ordinary rank and modest prosperity. Strives to take a leading position with the appropriate salary. Metal Tiger man is pretty peace-loving, just do not get in his way. He will never attack first, but the abuser, who has dared to break his peace, will certainly not be well. Without the slightest regret, he will destroy the life of his enemy.
To women, the Metal Tiger treats with trepidation and respect. He likes to indulge his chosen one, with pleasure fulfills all her whims and whims. However, she quickly loses patience, does not associate with a woman who did not appreciate his courtship. Spitfire and jealous, do not hesitate to make claims, and often unreasonable. Having made his choice, he remains true to him, although sometimes he does not mind to look after some beautiful woman. He will not listen to the reproaches of his wife, but will try to make up for the bliss a magnificent gift. In the family life, the man of this sign tries to show endurance and patience, he very much loves his wife and children. At the same time does not make them indulgent, demonstrates reasonable restraint.

Metal Tiger Woman

These vain women crave recognition, strive for glory. Hard-working and diligent, so easily achieve success. Choose a profession that guarantees a high income, do not want to be content with small. Try to occupy a leading position. Metal Tiger woman is self-confident, courageous, besides charming. Able to charm any man, if necessary, he can pretend to be a fragile, gentle person. Although in fact has a steel will and strong nerves. It is best to work in a duet with an assistant, capable of keeping her from making hasty decisions. Too impatient and sharp, which badly affects the results of the work of the whole team.
Fans of this spectacular, beautiful woman have no idea of ​​her true nature. A nice person who enjoys conversation with pleasure, at any moment, can turn into an angry fury. Metal Tiger is a temperamental woman, capricious and demanding. She is looking for a strong man, but sees only one candidate in the role of leader, it is not difficult to guess which one. An imperious woman does not consider it necessary to pretend to her husband, although in the period of courtship she tries to restrain her emotions. Bright, passionate woman can decorate the life of any man, she just does not have to contradict. This is a good, faithful wife, a loving mother, and very responsible.

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