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Water Tiger Years: 1902, 1962, 2022

Water Tiger

Water Tiger Years: 1902, 19622022
Active ElementWater
Associated Sun SignAquarius ♒
Tiger ElementsWood TigerFire TigerEarth Tiger,Metal TigerWater Tiger.
Water Tiger — a kind, fully developed, with a sharp mind and logical thinking, loves everything new, unknown. It’s hard to get mad, even in difficult situations, he does not lose the presence of spirit, clarity of thought. At the same time, in more simple life troubles, it is lost, rushes, can not collect thoughts. In such situations, increased self-esteem can render the water tiger an invaluable service.
Open and always ready to accept new ideas and experiences, the Water Tiger has a unique gift to look at things objectively. The element of Water softens the character of the Tiger. Such a Tiger is philanthropic, he perfectly sees where the truth is, and where lies, and is exceptionally receptive to the feelings of other people. His subtle intuition and ability to meet people opens up the opportunity for him to succeed in journalism or PR-technologies.
It is a more realistic Tiger, it controls its emotions and monitors the emotions of other people. He masterfully conducts transactions, rarely makes mistakes in judgments and is an excellent speaker. His mental abilities are usually above average. Like all the other Tigers, he often puts things off for later. He is less temperamental than the other Tigers, but he controls his impulsiveness well and plans for the distant future.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Water Tigers are kind, calm and intelligent. They know how to listen to their interlocutor. And this gift of communication is caused by their versatile talent to convince the surrounding people. Water Tigers know how to achieve their goals. These people know how to balance at critical moments in their lives, although sometimes they are hesitant. They are good leaders and do it with pleasure, easily control their own passions. These people are endowed with caution, humanity and strong energy. People under the sign of the Water Tiger tend to mysticism; they are leaders of political and antisocial struggle. They are humanists, and they are always flexible. They make good family men, but also like to invade foreign territories. Still, they are gifted with good imagination and can prove themselves as talented speakers.
People under the sign of the Water Tiger take themselves too seriously to themselves, and they have many interests. They are ready to explore distant lands, to translate their fantasies into reality, otherwise they will feel bad. Their energy is the key, so they should not restrain themselves and their impulses and try not to dance in the minefield.
They feel very good in cold weather, and their happiest season is winter. Vulnerable organs are the kidneys. People under the sign of the Water Tiger love salty food, but for them it is better to eat fish and legumes. These people need constant movement, and they should avoid sitting work. The water tones them — for them this is the best way to recharge.
The color of luck and happiness is brown.

Water Tiger Man

Men born in the year of the Water Tiger often choose creative professions. Extremely gifted people perfectly know the art of reincarnation. Among the men of this sign are many talented actors. Charming, sociable Water Tigers make friends easily, and they try to find useful acquaintances. They have a sharp mind, flexibility, resourcefulness, so they happily avoid failures. But if they find themselves in a difficult situation, they do not lose their presence of spirit. They bravely and boldly defend their own interests. Thanks to their benevolent nature, they escape difficult moments, maintaining good relations even with irreconcilable opponents.
This irresistible handsome man always attracts attention, he is surrounded by many fans. Women admire not only his beautiful appearance, but also good manners. He knows how to take care of, arranges romantic dates, tries to impress the imagination of the chosen one. Water Tiger man is bright, interesting, so he does not have problems with choosing a bride. Although failure on the love front can deprive him of self-confidence. However, it is rather difficult to imagine such a situation. Usually Water Tigers are happily married, in family life, they show themselves as loyal partners, do not seek adventures on the side. With great love for their children.

Water Tiger Woman

Creatively gifted women of this sign do not like difficulties and difficulties. Do not seek to perform heroic deeds, do not want to overcome obstacles. Water Tigers women are surprisingly tender and fragile, quite deserve a caring attitude. Although if necessary, they will manage to stand up for themselves, they have spiritual perseverance. However, the qualities inherent in all Tigers are still present in their character. These subtle natures are actually quite strong women. Nature endowed them with intuition, so they easily find a common language with a variety of people. Men adore women of this sign, admire their talent and perfect beauty.
In a love relationship, the Water Tigers behave like gentle, quivering people. With pleasure, they take courtship, even if they do not intend to reciprocate. They prefer to lead a subtle game, provoke the fans into insane acts. Enjoy the attention, do not hurry with the choice, do not tend to bind themselves by marriage. But romantic dates, interesting meetings bring them great pleasure. After marrying, they try to behave like an exemplary wife. Although they do not leave work, they spend most of their time with their families. Women of this sign are very enthusiastic about housekeeping, and they are also raising their children with great desire.

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Scorpio ♏ — the eighth zodiac sign. The fixed negative sign of water symbolizes the desire to control energy, to achieve spiritual heights and depths of knowledge. It is a symbol of death, rebirth and transformation.

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