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Fire Dragon Years: 1916, 1976, 2036

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon Years: 1916, 1976, 2036
Active ElementFire
Associated Sun SignAries ♈
Dragon ElementsWood DragonFire DragonEarth DragonMetal DragonWater Dragon.
This Dragon is a leader who does not rely on anyone: everything will be checked, everything will be taken into account, everything will be appreciated. He tries not to fail, because he always enters the position of others, helps, advises, instructs. This attitude to others, in the compartment with honesty, diligence, brings him additional dividends in the form of willingness to go after him for any business. Sneakiness and isolation prevent him from fully revealing his numerous talents and abilities.
Fire Dragon — the fairest and most cheerful of all, loves to compete more than others. But, despite the exactingness and aggressiveness, he is endowed with inexhaustible energy and has much to offer people. The problem is that he is the personification of superiority and power, so people are afraid or embarrassed of him. He is a capable leader, but he often wants to be treated as a messiah, and thus spoils everything. The fire makes the Dragon unusually purposeful and endows him with the dictator’s habits. The Fire Dragon presses upon others even when they do not resist.
At the deal, he is an open and gentle person who is always truthful and impartial. His criticism is objective; he is able to lead the crowds of people admired by his bright personality. Fire Dragon by nature builder of empires and seeks to establish a perfect order, at the head of which will, of course, he himself.
The Fire Dragon often blazes with insatiable personal ambitions, it is quick-tempered and incompetent, unable to reconcile with someone’s imperfection. He is too fond of generalizing, in a hurry to draw conclusions and label people, not even letting them speak out.

Fire Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The element of Fire that protects this sign of the zodiac gives bright representatives certain abilities and character traits that determine the principle of life position and help to choose their own path. There is also a strong imprint on the entire behavior model. The Chinese horoscope, fully revealing the effect of the element on the representative of the sign, indicates the presence in the features of such elements as excessive aggressiveness and easy attainment of the state of irritation. They also have the gift of clairvoyance, which they use, having this desire and desire to engage in such activities in personal interests.
These are outspoken people who can express an opinion about a particular person looking her in the face, they do not like to talk and lie because they seem to be alien and not natural to them. Representatives of the sign of the zodiac have a very wide stock of their own ambitions, which also directly affect the behavior and life of dragons in the human society.
If it is necessary to carry out certain actions with the aim of defending one’s own interests on the way to achieving the goal, they do not see obstacles and use all available means.
It is noted that these are very hardworking people who show themselves well as doing work that requires the application of considerable physical effort so doing mental work. These are very sociable people who easily come into contact. Some believe that their sociability has no boundaries, and therefore avoid tying up conversations on a specific topic, which can lead to long-term communication.
A distinctive feature of the representatives of the sign of the zodiac is also independent control, and the ability to harmoniously use the forces, achieving relaxation due to the emergence of possible stressful situations.
Dragons adore summer and warm days. They perfectly tolerate high temperatures. But all should take care of the heart and intestines and avoid situations that can affect the negative way on these organs. Dragons of the wood type are not indifferent to the violet color and try to use it in all sorts of situations.

Fire Dragon Man

The active, ambitious men of this sign set themselves ambitious tasks and always achieve the conceived. Their energy and dedication can only envy. Fire Dragon man is not controversial, but will never allow himself to be contradicted. He has a strong will, he will always be able to defend his point of view. He is considered an excellent specialist, thanks to his perseverance and diligence reaches enormous heights in his career. He pays a lot of time for work, this kind of attitude requires from subordinates. Employees are trying to meet his requirements, because in anger the Fire Dragon is able to talk a lot of unpleasant things.
Women have a huge interest in Fire Dragon, because these men are not only visually attractive, but also know how to make a good impression. Always polite and attentive, try to foresee the wishes of the chosen one. They are intelligent, have a wide outlook, they are not bored with them. In addition, they do not spare money for the whims of a lover. Is it any wonder that women go crazy over them? Fire Dragon is a responsible man, and after the wedding it becomes even more serious. He can not be called a homemaker, but he is also a reveler, he follows a reasonable measure in everything. Having found a family, spends a lot of time with his wife and children, he tries to provide them with everything necessary.

Fire Dragon Woman

This confident woman goes through life with her head held high. He knows his own worth, demands respectful attitude. If necessary, can enter into a fierce struggle. However, she tries to keep herself in hand, smart enough to spoil relations without good reason. At work, she shows herself as a strict boss, it is impossible to pity her. Fire Dragon woman is active, trying to achieve high results. She is friendly and moderately sociable, likes to make useful acquaintances. The truth is not ashamed to put into the face everything that thinks the most influential person. But it will do it as tactfully as possible, and maybe turn it into a joke.
Fire Dragon is a self-sufficient woman, she will not humble herself before a man. From the fans waiting for beautiful courtship, very few people will be able to conquer her heart. The future spouse should be attentive, caring, and most importantly — generous. She does not like boring, greedy men. Moreover, she herself shows reasonable savings, therefore she does not need control. A partner who does not meet her requirements will be dismissed, despite tears and pleas. Fire Dragon is an emotional woman, so she will not pretend, especially to please a man. In family life, she manifests herself as a good housewife, devotes much time to her husband and children. Do not be lazy to do homework, likes to cook.

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Fire Dragon
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