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Fire Tiger Years: 1926, 1986, 2046

Fire Tiger

Fire Tiger Years: 1926, 1986, 2046
Active ElementFire
Associated Sun SignAquarius ♒
Tiger ElementsWood TigerFire TigerEarth Tiger,Metal TigerWater Tiger.
The Fire Tiger is the born leader in any business. Tribune, witty and funny, he is ready to infect anyone with his idea, energy and indefatigability. He is very confident in his abilities, often only deals with what he likes, and if that does not work, does not panic, is not disappointed, but continues to go to the goal. In all their plans and deeds, the Fire Tigers should not count on strong support from others, because they do not always understand it, although they are afraid to show it.
It’s difficult for the Fire Tiger to restrain his enthusiasm and excessive energy, so he is always ready to act. He likes to move from place to place, experiencing new sensations and making exciting discoveries. He lives today. He is too independent and alien to conventions, and his movements are difficult to predict. The only thing you can be sure of is that it will always be bright and influential. The element of Fire makes the Tiger even more expressive. This Tiger can impress anyone. He is perfectly able to use his energy in his work and in achieving his goals.
He is always looking for the exit of his tense energy and quickly realizes his ideas in practice. Sometimes he is too theatrical. He is even more than other Tigers, aspires to leadership and is very worried if he is defeated. He is powerful and full of dignity. He is very optimistic and does not like to say no. He always seeks something to achieve, and having achieved, immediately begins to miss the new goal.
Imposing and sensual, Fire Tigers, it is difficult to be impartial about the events of your life.

Fire Tiger Chinese Zodiac

This type of Fire Tiger has an explosive nature. Since fire symbolizes cruelty, war and clairvoyance. It is good that in the Tiger sign two elements of Yin and Yang predominate, and this saves him from destruction. Being a predator, he always remains loyal, sober and active — this is the royal Tiger, he is endowed with virtuosity, unless he becomes a circus. Fire brings destruction, but also cleansing light. The earth does not feed him, water does not drink, metal does not harden. These Tigers are warriors in life, protesting against the common way, artists. They should not play with fire, because they risk burning and burning. Moderation is needed in everything.
People under the sign of the Fire Tiger take up everything with great enthusiasm and scope. They love action and are ready to always strive for the goal that has taken hold of them. They have all the qualities from the leader, and they have the ability to infect others with their ideas, they are optimistic and generous in everything. And just like all Tigers, they have a gift, convincing eloquence.
Their season is summer, but they feel better in hot weather. Vulnerable organ is the heart, they need to constantly monitor it, as the Tigers live in full force. It is always necessary to slow down the pace, otherwise the risk of earning a heart attack is very high. They prefer a bitter taste, but they are suitable dishes, from lentils, and meat, preferably lamb.
Color, always bringing good luck and happiness — orange.

Fire Tiger Man

This expressive man must be in constant motion. Otherwise, outbursts of aggression can not be avoided. Too domineering and self-confident to stay in the shadow of someone. Always should be in sight, only universal recognition and admiration are capable to lift to it mood. The Fire Tiger is an ambitious man, a born leader. It’s a great organizer, an enthusiast, who else can be charged with doing important things? The Fire Tiger is a good leader, confidently leading people behind him. In any situation demonstrates amazing firmness, never fails to face difficulties. A great hard worker and optimist, he always achieves his plans.
A bright, spectacular man invariably enjoys success with women. Do not be bored in proud solitude, will definitely find a way to have fun. A great inventor and a visionary knows how to attract attention. Can arrange not just a romantic date, but a whole adventure with guessing the riddles and the execution of serenades. Powerful energy, enclosed in the man of this sign, is looking for an outlet, so he can not sit still. Women should remember that the Fire Tiger will not obey their desires. It will not make a quiet housewife, an ideal family man. Wife and children are waiting for a fun life with a lot of adventures. He can always make good his caprices.

Fire Tiger Woman

This powerful woman will not tolerate criticism. The one who dares to contradict her, is waiting for a sad future. The Fire Tiger is a vigorous woman, will spare neither the strength nor the time to deal with the offender. She likes the fast pace of life, is able to remake a lot of things for the day. A similar attitude to work awaits from the surrounding people. A strict boss, a tough leader — this is the Fire Tiger in all its glory. At the same time, a rather cheerful person, optimistic about what is happening. With her you can find a common language, but she will not listen to advice. Weak people are not interested in it, such is the nature of strong people, these are real predators.
Men can not pass by this spectacular beauty. Moreover, she eagerly responds to any offers to have fun. This is an active, energetic woman, ready for adventure. To win her favor is attentive attitude and luxurious gifts. In love, the Fire Tiger is a very sentimental woman, elated with beautiful compliments and romantic surprises. She does not tolerate the presence of a rival, the chosen one must belong only to her. Any attempt to pay attention to another woman will cause a storm of emotions. This is the real owner, jealously guarding its territory. The Fire Tiger is a faithful woman, her family is a reliable rear.

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