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How Pisces Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life, Starting February 18th, 2019

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How Pisces Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationship And Love Life, Starting February 18th, 2019

How Pisces Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign's Relationships And Love Life, Starting February
There's no way to run away from yourself or what you feel.
On February 18th, the Sun transits into the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. And with Pisces season beginning, we are reminded that no matter how far we’ve tried to run or how deep we’ve tried to bury them, we can’t actually ever escape ourselves, our hearts, or what we feel.
Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign in astrology and is said to embody qualities from each sign; however, the sign of the fish is most well known for their deep, emotional relm, which will be impossible to swim away from during this time. The Pisces love horoscope will last until March 21st, when we begin our Sun cycle all over again in Aries.
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This year has only just begun and already it feels like many of us are looking for it to be over.
January was an intensive month which also means that Aquarius season likely proved to be challenging as well. But sometimes we have to go through certain phases so we can have better clarity about what the actual issue is that we’re resisting.
Aquarius are famous for separating their emotions from their logical mind in a way that escapes most Pisceans, who literally are swimming in their feelings daily. Many of us have gone through the past few weeks feeling detached, wondering where that life force was that we previously felt, and perhaps wanted to be done with emotions altogether. 
At different parts in our lives, sometimes our love lives do take the backseat. We need to put our personal development, our career or even financial security above other matters.
Sometimes it seems that we need to find our own footing before we can even think of being together with another, and Capricorn and Aquarius season are perfect for this mentality. Though earth and air are more logical and independent, at the end of day it’s unlikely they will be crying if going to bed alone. 
The beginning of the year is always a perfect time for us to refocus, to take a step back emotionally, and to regroup about what we want for our lives before we even let ourselves consider what we feel. However, all of that is about to change.
As the Sun swims into Pisces, we realize that whether or not we run and whether or not we want to feel certain things, there is actually no escaping any of it.  
Sometimes it seems we spend much of our lives trying to not feel certain things, whether it’s love for the wrong person, regret over a situation, dissatisfaction over a life event; regardless of what we try, we just can't seem to shut our eyes, shake ourselves out of it and move on.
But that’s not healing, moving on or even processing. In this case, especially with this Pisces season, as we have Mercury in the sign of the fish as well, we will be drawn back into what we tried to escape from.
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Mercury, the planet that controls our thoughts and communication, is currently transiting through Pisces. This is one of his detriment signs, the other being Sagittarius, because he has to feel too much.
Think of Mercury almost like the stereotypical emotionally unavailable man (or woman), but then he falls in love and is overwhelmed and likely just plain irritated that he’s having to feel so much. This is Mercury, and it’s not helping that Pisces is also ultra-feminine, romantic and dreamy. Mercury isn’t finding much logic during this month but will have to cross unchartered emotional terrain instead.  
Everything in astrology is tied together, and while we often describe cycles or cumulation points, it’s more likely building blocks stacked on top of one another. While it’s February 2019, we are still processing and working through what occurred during October/November 2018.
This is because moving through processing, lessons and healing takes time, and we also have to allow ourselves to feel as well. We can’t move through what an experience was meant to teach us if we’re blocking those emotions to begin with.  
Since the fall of last year, this is the first time we’re going to have the chance to feel exactly what occurred, what was lost, how we were hurt, how things changed, and what that means for us now. Yes, we finished moving through Scorpio season, but the wounds were too fresh and our secrets too deep; then, we moved onto Sagittarius season where we were overzealous about the future because we didn’t want to think about the past.
After welcoming the new year, we were thrown into Capricorn season, where we settled down to rebuild and regroup. And then, all Aquarius season did was help us build those walls back up; we were determined to not ever feel again.
But then the fish came swimming in, and we were reminded of everything we didn’t feel. We will be moving through old terrain during the next month, especially once Mercury moves into his shadow phase in preparation for the first retrograde of the year.
This is a time to stop pretending we’re already to go full steam ahead, to stop pretending that nothing mattered and that we can just wipe the proverbial dust under the carpet and be fine. Sometimes we’re not; sometimes we are hurt and we need to stop and let ourselves feel; otherwise, we’re not living. 
While Pisces season, especially this year, will be deep, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad news. We will have a chance to heal old wounds once and for all, but new beginnings are possible, although anything that restarts now won’t look anything like it did before.
It is a chance to press restart with a healthy heart, and the honesty and clarity that only time could have brought. Because time always shows us what and who matters most — we just have to be in the place to listen.  

Kate Rose is an artist, writer, passionate yogi, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life coach. For more of her work, go to her website Words of Kate Rose.


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