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Wood Rabbit Years: 1915, 1975, 2035

Wood Rabbit

Wood Rabbit Years: 1915, 1975, 2035
Active ElementWood
Associated Sun SignPisces ♓
Rabbit ElementsWood RabbitFire RabbitEarth RabbitMetal RabbitWater Rabbit.
Wood Rabbit is an activist and a public figure. Does not like loneliness and inaction. A good man and a saint, he always feels himself, as they say, "at ease". Likes to take campaigns, make noisy parties. For all, he is a friend and brother, only he does not intend to share secrets with anyone. He has a brighter character than the other Rabbits, expressed a character trait such as secrecy, which only plays against him: even from sincere and very useful advice he refuses, afraid of a dirty trick.
The sign of the Rabbit itself represents the elements of the Tree, therefore in the Wood Year on the Rabbit this element has a double effect. Such a person is generous and virtuous, but too modest and tolerant. And those around him are often tempted to take advantage of the softness of his character.
Wood Rabbit can adapt. He successfully joins any team. With the help of diplomacy, this Rabbit slowly but surely moves up the career ladder. He works very well in the group and rallies the team, willingly obeying the authorities and comforting the outsiders. He is inclined to shy away from making decisions that can offend someone or create a dangerous precedent. This inability to act quickly and take a certain position can ruin the reputation of the Wood Rabbit. He must be more firm and resolute and be able to protect himself from those who wish to take advantage of his generosity.

Wood Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The element of the natural wood is very close and very supportive of the rabbit. This indicator contributes to the harmonious development of the inner world and the opportunity to create more effectively the beautiful in the number that includes art and painting. The element of this plan helps to exalt the rabbit in the spiritual plane and escape from the chains pulling down. Thanks to this element the Rabbit feels a certain desire to travel and make various discoveries.
Do not forget that the tree symbolizes excessive heat, combined with rampant and in this regard can cause the Rabbit a lot of trouble leading to the emergence of favorable factors causing self-destruction. According to the content of the Chinese horoscope, the rabbit needs to be able to withstand the influence of its own soul and maintain a stable position, preventing the appearance of aggressive character traits.
In Wood Rabbits, the distinctive features of the character are reflected in the features of the exterior. Such people are easy to recognize in the mass of other representatives of the sign of the zodiac by characteristic features, which include a fairly wide forehead and shoulders, light color of the eyes and eyebrows located above them in a state of impending foliage.
These people are very pleasant in communication and are able to adapt very easily and quickly to the proposed circumstances, which makes them very successful in any endeavor. Immediacy in the process of communication is the determining factor that facilitates the accumulation of a certain circle of people who are hungry for communication and friendship.
Representatives of the sign of the zodiac are very cunning and, according to the proposed conditions, choose an optimal model of behavior that does not interfere with their interests and achievements of the necessary goals. A distinctive feature of such people is a certain propensity to write poems and love to respect the highly artistic works of outstanding authors of past centuries and modern times.
The favorite and comfortable time of the year is spring and especially those days when windy weather is. The love of eating foods with an acidic environment is being watched. The main body in need of special care is the liver. It is also worth maintaining a state of mind at rest and avoiding excessive stressful situations. The main attention should be paid to the composition of the diet.
The main color that brings luck to the owner is terracotta.

Wood Rabbit Man

The life of this man is filled with various events, he likes to be in the center of everyone’s attention. Do not sit at home and get bored alone, he can come up with a thousand ways to have fun. And he will not spend a penny on merry leisure, because he knows with whom it is necessary to be friends. He has the ability to make useful acquaintances, makes a very favorable impression. Wooden Rabbit is an ambitious man, although he tries to seem like a simple, sociable guy. Since his youth he has been making far-reaching plans for life. Strives to occupy a leading position, and this is a very strict boss, who does not allow subordinates to descend.
Wood Rabbit man loving, he likes women, and of different types. Every beautiful stranger sees something special, instantly falls in love. The truth quickly loses interest and finds a new object of passion. This gallant gentleman, knows how to take care of, sometimes performs heroic deeds. Can sing a serenade or put a huge armful of flowers at the feet of a lover. True lady of the Wood Rabbit should remember that this is not only a windy, but also a quick-tempered man. Instantly lights up, arranges stormy scenes of jealousy, but no less passionately begs forgiveness. In the family life, the man of this sign is the getter, his family will not know the need.

Wood Rabbit Woman

In the life of representatives of this sign there are no serious difficulties and failures. Wood Rabbits are nice and charming, they love to communicate. Thanks to their diplomatic talents, they immediately resolve their troubles, they do not lead the matter to a serious scandal. At work behave with restraint, tactfully, with all employees maintain friendly relations. They like to chat on a variety of topics, but rarely share their problems. Wood Rabbits women are wise, they know when and with whom you can be frank. Therefore, they easily achieve success, often occupy managerial positions. And they use the love and respect of their subordinates, they all find a common language.
These women are so charming and charming that men instantly fall in love with them. Delicate, like airy beings cause one desire — to groom and cherish. In a relationship with a strong gender, it is their leadership that plays the role, but no one notices this. It is so talented to control the actions of a partner that a man feels himself to be the head of the family, a real advocate. The Wood Rabbit is a kind, kind woman, who is sensitive to her chosen one, especially to her children. She loves and spoils her children, even if they have long grown up and left their parents’ home. Creates the best conditions for their development, devotes much time to education and training.

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