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Fire Rat Years: 1936, 1996, 2056

Fire Rat

Fire Rat Years: 1936, 1996, 2056
Active ElementFire
Associated Sun SignSagittarius ♐
Rat ElementsWood RatFire RatEarth RatMetal Rat,Water Rat.
Fire Rat is an innovator and fighter, ready to carry out any task, especially, new and interesting. She has such a sharp, extraordinary mind, the ability to make predictions, which sometimes makes discoveries. Her ability to survive in any environment, draw the right conclusions and make plans ensures confidence in the future. If this Rat overcame a tendency to squabble, gossip — it would provide a quiet, stable life.
This warlike and energetic Rat loves to be involved in all kinds of activities and never tires of fighting for justice and a better life. These people like travel and fashion. They are open, but by nature they are aggressive. Nevertheless, they are the most generous of all Rats. Despite the fact that they are energetic and idealistic, they do not aspire to show great diplomacy and can sometimes overdo it in the struggle for victory in a dispute or for support.
They are not too disciplined and will follow the dictates of their hearts rather than the exhortations of the mind. Despite their affection for home and family, here they feel that they are being restricted. Such a person needs more space and attention to satiate the hunger of his excessively inflated ego. Fire Rat is very independent and loves to compete madly. It does not suit ordinary life. If one day success passed her, the second time she will not miss her chance.

Fire Rat Chinese Zodiac

The fire appeared after the heat was born in the southern part of the sky and, having fallen to the Earth, impregnated it. The warm and sultry weather of the sky, that’s what Fire likes. In alliance with the Rat, Fire has tremendous creative potential to its owner and irrepressibility in destruction. Fire Rats are endowed with an aquiline nose and slightly widened in the lower part of the face, which is clearly not like the Rat, because they tend to like people. Women are mostly red-haired with bright scarlet lips and a fiery passionate character.
Unquenchable energy reserves, which are endowed with Fire Rats simply does not allow them to sit for long in one place and constantly requires them to act actively. Such people always aspire to adventures and want to be always in the center of events, regardless of whether it will be a new project or another adventure. They have a very unusual thinking, and they hate it when someone tries to control or command them. Their thoughts Fire Rats try to express directly, but their inherent creative impulse sometimes can lead them far. Such rats are hardy by nature and can achieve a lot.
One of the drawbacks of people born under the Fire Rat sign is the propensity to destroy and sometimes with them there are attacks of unjustified aggression, so sometimes they should be feared. The specificity of the combination of Fire and the Rat is one certainty that either victory or death and there can not be any compromises here! They are very far-sighted and smart and because of this they do not tolerate when someone tries to challenge their leadership. Out of the Fire Rats come out excellent military, because of its characteristic militancy, craving for destruction and command. But in the field of art they have little to do, militancy does not reserve the right to create. Do not try to imitate them, it may end badly for you.
Not bad transferring a hot and sultry climate, such people feel more confident in the summer. Most of all, Fire Rats should beware of heart and intestinal diseases. They love spicy, well seasoned spices. However, for them this is not at all useful. Particular preference is given to dishes made from rice or lamb. Sharp jumps of atmospheric pressure for them are very dangerous, and they should be avoided in case of convenient cases, because of possible heart problems.
Success, success and happiness in life Fire Rats can bring red color.

Fire Rat Man

Smart, energetic people, born in the year of the Fire Rat, are able to reach huge heights in their careers. They strive to be in sight, like flattery and praise. Easily overcome any obstacles for its own sake. And they achieve the result without using brute force, they are skillful and cunning intriguers. Although by nature impulsive men have difficulty controlling their aggression and anger. At some point they can not restrain themselves, but they will certainly find the strength to carry the matter through. Natural cunning and a wonderful sense of humor help people of this sign in the most difficult situations. They are always in good standing with the authorities, they often occupy the chair of the head.
In relations with women they manifest themselves as temperamental lovers, they are not at all alien to sensual pleasures. Fire Rat is a strong-willed man, therefore he will try to immediately identify his leadership. His lover must part with the dream of a gentle, anxious partner. He can be unpredictable, emotional, but in no way quiet and complaisant husband. You can not exclude treachery, flirtation, limit the freedom of men of this sign is impossible. In solving domestic issues, it shows reasonable restraint, although it is wasteful, can suddenly spend a huge amount on its whims. In general, he can be considered a reliable partner, able to surround his family with love and care.

Fire Rat Woman

Women born in the year of the Fire Rat have a perfect business acumen. They know what kind of result they want to achieve and easily realize all their desires. Enterprising and smart, so they achieve tremendous success in their careers. True, colleagues and superiors note aggressive perseverance and self-will in them. They have excellent diplomatic qualities, but they are too straightforward and frank with their interlocutors. A sharp mind and an excellent memory are combined with impulsiveness, which can impede career growth. In any case, the Fire Rats of a woman with a bright personality attract attention, produce the most favorable impression on others.
For women of this sign, life is a bright holiday. Clever, prudent persons skillfully hide their true thoughts behind the mask of a sweet coquette. Fire Rats beautiful, confident women, enjoy great success in men. With pleasure, they take courtship, but only the most worthy of admirers can give their hearts. They prefer to lead a free way of life, like luxurious things and traveling. At the same time, there are enough economic women who are able to wisely manage money. To achieve their goal, they do not shun anything, they can shamelessly push their husbands. True, they act so skillfully that it is impossible to suspect them of anything bad.

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