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Earth Tiger Years: 1938, 1998, 2058

Earth Tiger

Earth Tiger Years: 1938, 1998, 2058
Active ElementEarth
Associated Sun SignAquarius ♒
Tiger ElementsWood TigerFire TigerEarth Tiger,Metal TigerWater Tiger.
Earth Tiger — very lucky, cheerful, successful, because he can devote himself to one thing, he tries to be honest. He has many friends, business partners, whom he is always ready to help, at a time when from them he is not ready to take even advice. By nature, a sedate, serious, very much cherishes his reputation. Accounting for the opinions of others could greatly facilitate the life of the Earth Tigers.
This Tiger has a quieter and more responsible character. He warmly treats people, for which he likes them, he is usually practical and realistic in his actions. He yearns for achievements. He does not make hasty conclusions and rarely gets mad. The surrounding people consider him thoughtful, mature and astute.
Earth element makes the Tiger more stable, rewarding him with increased attention, which allows him to work more diligently, as well as objectivity in important matters. Although he can be a very bright person, like other Tigers, he is still more reasonable and sane. He sees circumstances in the true light and rarely allows emotions to eclipse their eyes.
The Earth Tiger tries to build relationships based on utility, it is more cautious than reckless. He applies his knowledge and skills in those areas with which he is well acquainted and who can bring him valuable revenue. Sometimes the Earth Tiger is excessively proud, unfeeling, and hard-hearted, especially when obsessed with something.
The Earth Tiger rarely chooses a very active and adventurous lifestyle for himself, although he can make others believe that he lives an extremely busy life. He is a realist. First, he wants to be the best, and when he achieves this, he begins to behave very unpleasantly: scandals and shock the public to attract attention, like all the Tigers. However, in work he is always serious and concentrated on career. His main sign makes him strive to improve his social status and seek recognition with his own forces.

Earth Tiger Chinese Zodiac

People under the sign of the Earth Tiger are balanced and reasonable, always stand firmly on the ground, have a large circle of friends and constantly monitor their appearance. They got used to acting with great care, before starting something, they will study their position in detail. They try to always act honestly, can reach great heights in a certain area, do not get distracted by extraneous things.
Very often people under the sign of the Earth Tiger are so deep in a certain area that they do not listen to others. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they have developed intuition and business acumen. They reach their goals not immediately, but through constant efforts. They can not spend much time without movement, otherwise the terrestrial tiger can turn into a cat. It is vital for him to movement and travel.
This type of Tiger, if necessary, can easily enter the entrance to its cunning and blackmail. They are brilliant financiers and clever businessmen, but in the family they are despots. Women of the Tiger sign have an unusual charm that resembles a female vampire. By maturity, they usually succeed in all areas of life.
The best time for them is August, when the climate becomes more humid. Vulnerabilities — limbs and spleen. They love sweet things, but it’s worth using less. Of meat, it is better to give preference to horse meat. Deciding to relax, they turn into a tame cat. They need to maintain their form, and exercise, and in no case do not overeat, eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.
Color, always bringing good luck and happiness — bright yellow.

Earth Tiger Man

Men born in the year of the Earth Tiger are too serious and responsible. They can get talented leaders or successful entrepreneurs. To divert from the intended goal of the representative of this sign is impossible, if he is carried away ideas, then it will come to an end. At the same time he will find time for his loved ones, with great willingness he helps all those in need. Earth Tiger a man responsible, carefully follows the events. It can not be completely happy if injustice is going on around. He loves compliments and flattery, although he tries to keep himself modestly. Demanding to trifles, trying to equip his life with great comfort.
With women, Earth Tiger behaves like a true gentleman: always polite and tactful. At first, he carefully thinks out his behavior and only then starts actively courting. He loves beautiful things, he indulges her with luxurious gifts. He will not give cheap jewelry, but will present a chic necklace. In the family life behaves flawlessly, completely provides the relatives with everything necessary. Will do everything possible to ensure that the wife and children had comfortable living conditions. True, you can not consider him a soft, trouble-free person. It is very strict and demanding, in his submission, the household must show humility and obedience.

Earth Tiger Woman

In the life of a woman of this sign, there is almost no trouble, she controls her every step so carefully. With great responsibility refers to work, trying to achieve success. This strict boss inspires trembling and excitement, few of the subordinates will dare to argue with it. However, in ordinary life, this is a simple, sociable woman. With great attention to the affairs of their loved ones, is always ready to help and support. Is able to give valuable advice, though she rarely follows them. Earth Tiger woman, self-confident, believes that with all the troubles can cope on their own. Sometimes it lacks the softness and flexibility.
In a romantic relationship, this beautiful lady is looking for care and understanding. Her external calmness should not be misleading, Earth Tiger woman passionate. She loves to listen to compliments, she gives great joy to gifts, although not very expensive, but made with a soul. Completely given to the feeling, a similar attitude requires from a partner. Do not tolerate treason and betrayal, prefer to immediately break the relationship. She is very jealous and suspicious, capable of loud scandals and quarrels. True, for such an unworthy behavior there must be a serious reason. In family life behaves like an ideal wife, perfectly copes with the economy, is not afraid of domestic work.

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Taurus ♉ — the second zodiac sign. The fixed negative sign of earth symbolizes the embodiment of strength, strength, reliability and permanence. It is a symbol of willpower, perseverance, development and diligence.

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