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Metal Rabbit Years: 1951, 2011, 2071

Metal Rabbit

Metal Rabbit Years19512011, 2071
Active ElementMetal
Associated Sun SignPisces ♓
Rabbit ElementsWood RabbitFire RabbitEarth Rabbit,Metal RabbitWater Rabbit.
Metal Rabbit — smart, arrogant, secretive and cunning. He knows exactly what he wants from life, and how he will act, but for others it’s a mystery. He keeps his secrets and plans with him, because he is distrustful. In the circle of his friends only trusted and reliable people who will not suppress it with their ebullient energy and noisy behavior. Carefulness, circumspection helps him to achieve quite a good position in society, surround himself with quite influential people.
Such Rabbits are both physically and mentally stronger than others. However, they are less inclined to compromise. Metal Rabbit fully relies on his observation and ability to deduction. He is always confident that he correctly answers the questions and makes the right decisions. He calmly assumes responsibility and shows remarkable creativity, initiative and thoroughness in his work.
The influence of Metal can make Rabbit too preoccupied with his own desires, goals and ideas. Such a Rabbit is more cunning than others, and more ambitious; True, his ambitions are subordinated to the cold mind and calculation. Metal Rabbit loves to live richly and beautifully. He can be indifferent to the opinions of others, but he reacts very emotionally to painting, sculpture, music and in general to beauty.
Like all real romantics, the Metal Rabbit periodically is in a bad mood; he works well only when he has inspiration. It is a deep nature, very passionate in love. But he will allow in his "inner circle" only a handful of selected people.

Metal Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

The representative of the zodiac sign as Rabbit has many features of caution and caution. In addition, the sign gives its representative ease and excessive insinuations. Metal in this case has a visible positive effect on the main character traits, as it is capable of making certain adjustments to behavior and giving its representative a sense of responsibility.
It is also noted that metal in its essence has magical characteristics and abilities to concentrate around itself a variety of mystical phenomena. In this there is nothing dangerous, in the event that Rabbit shows a tendency to such a fact. In the case of an opposite relationship, certain negative consequences may arise.
In order for Rabbit to feel as harmonious as possible and able to realize his internal forces with a certain impact, he needs seclusion from the outside world. In cases when this condition can not be achieved, negative situations arise that affect the internal state of the representative of this sign of the zodiac.
According to the Chinese horoscope of Metal Rabbits, these are the people on which it is possible to rely in a difficult situation, they will not let you down and will not leave without the help of the person who turned. The sense of responsibility and compassion for a neighbor in such representatives of the sign of the zodiac is clearly expressed. All the goals set for themselves Rabbits can be achieved thanks to the maximum energy reserve, which is very indicative given their excessive peace of mind on the main indicators.
The optimal time of year for people of this type is autumn. The residence is best chosen in a temperate climatic environment, where dry and warm weather prevails. It is necessary to protect the lungs, since this is the main organ involved in the process of breathing, and breathing gives the rabbits a sense of peace and tranquility.

Metal Rabbit Man

A man born in the year of the Metal Rabbit has the ability to restrain his emotions. This strong, confident man perfectly controls everything that happens around him. It is impossible to find him upset or lost, he is always collected and reserved. Moderately sociable, knows how to maintain the necessary acquaintances, but with old friends can not stand on ceremony. It is perfectly capable of expressing in the face all that thinks. On such behavior, few people are offended, because the sincere behavior of the Metal Rabbit is a sign of trust. Usually the man of this sign tries to hide his thoughts, strives to maintain good relations with all.
Metal Rabbit is a man creatively gifted with a well-developed imagination. She looks after women beautifully, carefully thinks through every date. Insinuating manners, pleasant voice, attractive appearance — all this favorably highlights it on the background of the rest of the fans. Seriously refers to a love relationship, will not start a light affair. Having made a choice, he remains faithful, the wife can at any time rely on help and support. Excellent with the children, his head is full of ideas of how best to diversify family leisure. This is quite an exemplary family man, does not differ with jealousy, suspicion, with pleasure doing homework.

Metal Rabbit Woman

For women of this sign, the career is not at the last place. However, they work with full force only when they like the work. Try to choose a creative profession related to art or communication with people. Despite its secrecy, not at all against work in a large team. The Metal Rabbit is a woman who is confident, does not hesitate of people, but this does not mean that she trusts them. She prefers to seem like a good-natured person who can be trusted with any secret, while trying not to reveal her secrets. If necessary, she can cheat and lie a little, but only for good purposes. This is a kind, responsive woman, there is no anger and envy in her.
In a romantic relationship, the Metal Rabbit is a little frivolous woman. She seems to forget about her discretion, because a strong feeling causes in her a storm of emotions. With great pleasure she takes courtship, rejoices with gifts. She loves her chosen one, admires him, tries to please him with pleasant surprises. Able to organize a romantic date for her fan, all the more so that she has such a rich imagination that her fantasies do not end. Having married, does not lose its positive attitude. A metal Rabbit is a caring, happy and willing family, but does not forget about her own interests.

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