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Wood Dragon Years: 1904, 1964, 2024

Wood Dragon

Wood Dragon Years: 1904, 19642024
Active ElementWood
Associated Sun SignAries ♈
Dragon ElementsWood DragonFire DragonEarth DragonMetal DragonWater Dragon.
This Dragon is infinitely curious. He wants to know everything, finds time and energy to get to the answer to the most difficult question. A great performer, a jack of all trades: to make something, invent or just to compose — everything can. An interesting narrator and listener, has the gift to present his knowledge in the form of literary works. Good-natured and correct, Wood Dragon deservedly enjoys universal love.
A creative and magnanimous Dragon, carrying beautiful, new, revolutionary ideas. Wood element endows him with the ability to put ideas into words and put them into practice. He works successfully with other people, although sometimes he is a bit arrogant. Not as vindictive and self-centered as the Dragons of other elements, he is just like them, frank, proud and fearless in the face of trials.
The inquisitive Wood Dragon tries to find out the reasons for everything and everything; in every action he is guided by common sense. However, he is inclined to dig in too deeply into the problem, and, confronted with resistance, starts endless arguments. He is a born teacher and can be a very erudite person.
The Wood Dragon is generous, tries to follow the middle path, do not offend anyone and achieve it gently and gradually. The influence of the Wood calms his impulsiveness and changeability; if it is in his interests, the Dragon is ready to compromise. And yet he is a Dragon who correlates everything in the world with his excessive pride and agrees to change only when he knows exactly what is beneficial to him personally.

Wood Dragon Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese horoscope indicates that people born under the auspices of the Wood Dragon have an innate sense of style and look throughout the life cycle very elegantly and well-groomed that does not remain unnoticed by the surrounding people. These representatives of the sign of the zodiac gravitate towards beauty and love all spheres of art that symbolize and reveal their nature. Its outer and inner world dragons, born under the protection of a Wood, begin to appreciate and use in a very productive way, beginning with a certain stage of its existence in the world. At the same time, they are able to achieve the highest goals and remain king of the situation with skillful use of talent.
A distinctive feature of the representatives of the zodiac sign is courtesy and friendliness in relation to the surrounding people. They are not wasteful and know how to appreciate the things that are available, because one of their qualities of character is frugality. Out of such people, excellent researchers and scientists are striving to learn new things and discover the unknown.
Failures they overcome in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, how to bring the begun to the logical conclusion is laid in their nature and therefore, with the skillful use of the qualities of the natural plan, great masters of their craft are obtained from them, no matter what profile they are engaged in.
An excellent time of year suitable for Wood Dragons is spring, they adore the dynamics in everything, and the weather was no exception, as they gravitate to windy days, feeling in such situations very comfortable. In addition to the positive aspects, there is a vulnerable organ, which is the liver and urinary tract system. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid situations that can provoke a deterioration in the general state of what can not be allowed if you want to take an active position throughout the cycle.
Also, the nervous system needs close attention, and in order to maintain it in a proper calm state, one should use methods of mental relief that will help to avoid the occurrence of severe stresses that may not affect the representatives of the zodiac sign in the best way.

Wood Dragon Man

This noble man will not sink to squabbles and intrigues. In any situation, holds with great dignity, carefully watches himself, always with a needle and dressed. He behaves politely and tactfully, shows attention and respect to his interlocutor. The surrounding converge in a single opinion: this is a real gentleman. At the same time, the Wood Dragon is pretty naughty, loves to have fun. He has a great sense of humor, enjoys communication. At work, he is a wise mentor, a leader, but in his spare time he is a good friend. Colleagues are drawn to him, treated with any request, very much appreciate his help. Especially respects the Wood Dragon bosses for their high professionalism.
In relation to women, he shows her best qualities, tries to be polite and discreet. A Wood Dragon is a man prominent, enjoys success with the opposite sex. He does not have to long to achieve reciprocity, women themselves rush to his neck. Although with a closer acquaintance it may turn out that this is a rather demanding partner, it is not easy for him to please. In family life sometimes gives vent to his feelings, begins to be capricious over trifles. However, this behavior is just a desire to attract attention. The Wood Dragon is a good husband and a wonderful father, a true friend and protector. He devotes much time to raising children, and is intensively engaged in their development.

Wood Dragon Woman

In the life of Wood Dragons, everything happens: ups and downs, successes and failures. However, women of this sign steadfastly accept any news, never lose their presence of spirit. They try to overcome obstacles, do not drop their hands, and fate rewards them for courage and fortitude. Wood Dragons women are lucky, easily and quickly get out of difficult situations. From them talented managers or entrepreneurs can turn out, they are doing business so successfully. Although these are creatively gifted natures, they can take place as designers, actresses. The education and training of children is especially good for them. In any case, they show wit and restraint, so they are honored and respected by their colleagues.
Wood Dragon woman tactful and well-mannered. It is impossible to find her in a bad mood, she controls her feelings and emotions so well. At the same time, a temperamental person is enough, in a romantic relationship, she can reveal herself from an unexpected side. The woman of this sign gives a report to her own merits, knows her own worth. Therefore, she will not meet with the ill-mannered, poor man. Looking for an equivalent partner with whom there is something to talk about. An important role is played by the financial component, will not live in uncomfortable conditions. Wood Dragon is an economic woman, loves to clean and order. It is not a spender, but it will not save on the most necessary.

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Rabbit 兔 — fourth sign of the Chinese zodiac. Refers to the Yin, primal element — Wood. Year of Rabbit (2023201119991987197519631951) — gracious, good friend, kind, sensual, quiet, gracious, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, affectionate, confident, shy, insightful, compassionate, lucky, flexible.

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