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Water Pig Years: 1923, 1983, 2043

Water Pig

Water Pig Years: 1923, 1983, 2043
Active ElementWater
Associated Sun SignScorpio ♏
Pig ElementsWood PigFire PigEarth PigMetal Pig,Water Pig.
A man with a heart of gold and noble generosity — this is how they talk about the Pig born in the year and the elements of Water. He is diplomatic, trying to maintain calm relations with others, but can be overly trusting. Therefore, he should learn to be firmer, defend his interests and always check everything without taking the words of people at face value. As a rule, a person is taciturn and outwardly it may seem that his life is quiet and measured. But meanwhile, the circle of interests of such a person is very wide, he is cheerful, has a good sense of humor. In a career — this is an industrious responsible person, therefore always succeeds in the chosen profession.
This persevering and diplomatic Pig is endowed with all the qualities of an excellent scout: he is receptive and sensitive to the hidden desires of others, skillfully and carefully negotiates with opponents. And yet, under the influence of Water, he sees in people the best and often until the last minute refuses to believe in the evil intentions of others. This type of Pig touchingly believes in loved ones and loved ones. He believes in miracles, and if he is not careful, then others can use it for their own purposes.
A hearty, peaceful and honest Water Pig likes to have fun. He likes being in the company, he carefully observes the rules of the game, always happily meets half-way. As a Pig, he is always somewhat passionate and amorous. In the worst case, he can concentrate too much on sex, gluttony, alcohol, and start luxurizing at the expense of others.

Water Pig Chinese Zodiac

When a Pig person is affected by the Water element, the ebb and flow of water is imparted to his or her personality. People who are affected by Water, according to the Chinese Zodiac, are more flexible in their dealings with others, and Water Pigs are no exception. This person has the natural friendliness of the Pig, but doesn’t let anything really get him or her down.
A Water Pig is an even better negotiator than the average Pig, because his or her natural talent for peacekeeping is broadened and deepened by his or her ability to shrug off stressful moments. Even extremely irate people cannot get the better of someone born under the sign of the Pig in the Chinese horoscope. This makes a Water Pig the ideal person to solve difficult tensions and conflicts.
Water Pigs must be careful not to place too much trust in the unknown. It is easy for a Water Pig to be taken advantage of, due to his or her trusting nature. If a Water Pig remains cautious when first meeting new people, he or she can avoid this fate. All in all, a Water Pig makes an excellent friend, colleague, or mate.

Water Pig Man

The kindness of this man is often used by all sorts of rascals. Has a big heart, trusting, sincerely wants to help everyone. Often disappointed in people, but still believes in love and friendship. The Water Pig is hardworking man, works hard to succeed. Though sometimes it is too capricious and impatient, but in time takes itself in hands. Therefore, reaching great heights in a career, is considered an excellent connoisseur of his craft. He enjoys great respect, he is appreciated and praised. Not limited only to business contacts, sincerely friends with colleagues and even with competitors. Likes to have fun, travel, of course, not at the expense of work.
Water Pig is a romantic, touching woman. This is not an egoist, sincerely wants to please his chosen one. Ready to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of their beloved. Satisfies romantic dates, even if he does not have enough money, tries to surprise his beloved. In ordinary life, this is a fairly modest person, but falling in love, completely loses his head. He loves his chosen one, he is completely indifferent to other women. Marrying becomes an ideal family man. He spends his time with his wife and children, it is important for him to create comfortable living conditions for them, his relatives should not feel need and deprivation.

Water Pig Woman

This soft, gentle woman, if necessary, demonstrates a strong will. Aimed at a successful career, so it acts slowly, carefully weighs each step. She will not get involved in adventures, never argues and does not prove her case. It’s easier for her to seem nice, charming person, this image helps to gain the trust and disposition of people around. Water Pig woman is good, does not hold evil, does not intrigue, but will not miss her. The ability to find a common language helps her in matters. Often this successful woman holds a high position. At the same time, everyone around her admires her, the women of this sign have practically no enemies and ill-wishers.
The Water Pig is an impressionable woman, hard to survive betrayal and deception. Although she tries to appear strong, self-assured, she needs support very much. She is waiting for help from a man, she is looking for a worthy partner in it. Favorably accepts courtship, however does not begin to connect the life with the thoughtless man. Women of this sign differ not only in beauty, but also in beautiful manners. Men go crazy over them, try to achieve reciprocity. Water Pig is a wise woman, will try to make the right choice. Differs a serious approach to love relationships, does not lead to easy intrigues. Married, fully focused on the family.

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Chinese Zodiac ☯ connects each year with a particular animal and its attributes. According to legend, it was created by the Buddha under the guidance of the Heavenly Emperor. There are 12 Chinese zodiac signs. It is believed that the influence of the beast affects the fate of the person born in a given period of time. Habits and manners of the patron are largely transferred to a representative of the zodiac, whose behavior corresponds to the intended scheme.

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