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Wood Pig Years: 1935, 1995, 2055

Wood Pig

Wood Pig Years: 1935, 1995, 2055
Active ElementWood
Associated Sun SignScorpio ♏
Pig ElementsWood PigFire PigEarth PigMetal Pig,Water Pig.
Friendliness and the desire to constantly help others — the distinctive features of this sign. People born in the year Pigs and the Wood element are able to convince the interlocutor, but at the same time they are easy to communicate, they are easy to win the sympathy of people and gain friends and supporters. They like to keep abreast of events, lead an active lifestyle and, by virtue of their optimistic nature, can not refuse to those who ask for their help. You can say that they like to help, they find it fun. But, perhaps, in everything you need to know the measure: and you should learn to say sometimes "no", and not to burden an unbearable burden on your shoulders.
The Wood Pig accidentally, but with an enviable success, manipulates other people. Although he is concerned about his personal accomplishments and ambitions, he is also ready to devote a good part of his time to charity and perfectly manages the social work or activity of a club. He likes to help everyone with whom he crosses, and he will do everything possible to make friends with all. Being an excellent PR man, he can "untwist" his business.
Extraordinarily kind-hearted, indulgent even to the most unworthy people and often illegible in connections. So his suspicious friends can fool him or get him into trouble if he spends too much time in their company.
On the other hand, his faith in people will be rewarded, and he will take a high position due to his talent to introduce people to each other. Under the influence of the elements of the Tree, he is unrestrained, but scrupulous enough to act by honest methods. He will try to contact the right people, and together they will start ambitious projects.
Wood Pig is able to convince and likes to entertain; he also knows how to create a trusting atmosphere wherever he finds himself. People love his dignity and his shortcomings, because he is cheerful and friendly.

Wood Pig Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, every fifth year of the Pig is a Wood Pig year. When the sign of the Pig is tempered by Wood, certain characteristics emerge and become dominant. Wood Pigs are very insistent. You may find yourself overwhelmed by their generosity. A Wood Pig will give of himself or herself until there is almost nothing left to give! As a result, those who are Wood Pigs according to the Chinese Zodiac should be careful to take time for themselves to rejuvenate, or they may find themselves burning out.
A Wood Pig is always ready to help a friend in need, and won’t take "no" for an answer-even if that friend really does not want the help! As you would expect, Pigs can be a bit pigheaded, so it may be easier to just stop protesting and accept a Pig’s help.
Wood Pigs are great at breaking down tasks into smaller chunks, and making plans to work steadily on a project until completion. Usually, this Chinese sign does not feel comfortable rushing around or leaving everything to the last minute, and thus prefers to work with a plan. If you need help tackling a complicated project, a Wood Pig is the one to help.
Wood Pigs are very practical, and do not spend a lot of time wishing and dreaming. They prefer to get right down to work without the preamble, and always make sure the job is done.

Wood Pig Man

This is a great optimist, with humor refers to the most difficult situations. He likes to communicate, spends a lot of time with friends. Wood Pig man is sympathetic, with ease rushes to the aid even to unfamiliar people. At the same time, a modest and modest fellow. On the contrary, a real leader, knows how best to act in this or that situation. People unlimitedly trust him, respect him, this is a wonderful manipulator: even strict instructions from his mouth sound like requests for a favor. Although he himself often falls into a mess, too kind and responsive. Failures are going through hard, although he tries not to show his mind. This proud man does not like to complain, always jokes and amuses people around.
Wood Pig man is charming, knows how to pick up the key to the woman’s heart. It has fine manners, moreover, representatives of this sign are usually externally attractive. There is no shortage of fans at the Wood Pig, everyone dreams of becoming his chosen one. He is not faithful, he likes women too much, unable to stop his attention on one. It’s not a cruel egoist and heartthrob, just too amorous. With every woman behaves like a knight, sincerely tries to please and give pleasure. In marriage, he manifests himself as a good family man, loves his wife and children. Creates all the conditions for a comfortable life, it is not boring with him.

Wood Pig Woman

An energetic, cheerful woman evokes sympathy among the surrounding people. With her I want to communicate, be friends, this is a very devoted person. At the same time, it is quite demanding, will not allow to neglect its own interests. Although sometimes gets into unpleasant situations because of his own credulity. Wood Pig woman is purposeful, works hard to achieve her dreams. And she treats her work with great love, she does not complain about fatigue. This is a real professional, an excellent organizer. She knows how to find a common language with each person, is always friendly to colleagues and acquaintances. She adores her family, touchingly cares about their well-being.
A woman, born in the year of the Wooden Boar, is friendly. Even if a man could not win her heart, she will continue to be friends with him. Always in the spotlight, she has a lot of fans. True, it is rather difficult to win the heart of the Wooden Boar. This woman dreams of a great love, and a mutually beneficial relationship, devoid of passion, can not arrange it. It is easy to abandon your chosen one if you suddenly fall in love, although you will experience strong mental suffering. Married, will do everything possible to create a home atmosphere of warmth and comfort. She is a wonderful hostess, she loves to receive guests.

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Personality Number ༓ — characterizes your appearance and the impression that you make on other people. Having learned it, you will be able to define your external style more precisely, because it is he who, in times of widespread competition, influences whether you succeed or not. In fact, this is a person's business card, which is not his true “I” and does not reflect the inner essence.

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