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Earth Rat Years: 1948, 2008, 2068

Earth Rat

Earth Rat Years19482008, 2068
Active ElementEarth
Associated Sun SignSagittarius ♐
Rat ElementsWood RatFire RatEarth RatMetal Rat,Water Rat.
Earth Rat — mature and hardworking. Its shortcomings are successfully leveled by numerous advantages, therefore it is valued, loved and respected. This Rat will not just take risks, she will choose the path longer, more difficult, but safer. True, indecisiveness and doubts delay the adoption of serious decisions, so she is often late, and, sometimes, incur irreparable loss. Decisiveness and efficiency — this is what Earth Rat so lacks.
Earth Rat early matures. For her, happiness is a category of one order with discipline, a high standard of living and, of course, safety. Such a person will try to develop positive traits of his character and talents. He is realistic and completely not subject to empty dreams and false expectations. He likes to maintain good relations with everyone, and if he finds loyal friends at work, he will stay here for a long time. He can concentrate on several subjects at the same time and diligently perform his work. Speaking of shortcomings, he may be too focused on results and achievements, he is too confident that he is doing everything right and inattentive to others, especially if he is in a hurry to do the work and wants everything to be exactly as he says.
Such a person is very worried about his reputation and image, but can show warmth and protect those he loves. He has high material demands, and he always compares his achievements with peer achievements. Sometimes he is too practical and greedy for money. The Earth Rat does not like to take risks and rarely hopes for a chance. It follows the established rules and methodology of work and expects others to do the same. Accordingly, such a person will move forward slowly, but surely.

Earth Rat Chinese Zodiac

The earth appeared, when the moisture, from the sky fell down. The earth is characterized by the summer sun and the beginning of the cold breeze of autumn. The earth is a symbol of the home and life. Earth Rats often show a tendency to think deeply, which can sometimes harm them. They constantly need to move up and reach their goals, otherwise they can simply perish from a simple routine and routine. They are impenetrable pragmatists and egoists. They are the embodiment of fruitfulness in deeds and realists in life, but are not devoid of excellent cunning. Earth Rats are cautious economists and good entrepreneurs. Such people have good families, and in these families they are leaders, since they do not like to try to challenge their primacy.
These Rats need constant activity and movement, otherwise they will be lost. Their wisdom sometimes suppresses the feeling of temptation and passion. In their affairs, Earth Rats try not to hesitate, as sluggishness causes them stress and irritability.
These people combine great cunning and composure, which avoids danger and risk, even though they are constantly trying to increase their capital. Earth Rats are very confident and persevering towards the task, negating the impact of accidents and unpleasant incidents. Although compared to other species of Earth Rats and have a lesser propensity for adventurism, this is more than compensated by prudence and perseverance in performing any task. They will not risk until they have thoroughly studied and verified everything, and only then they get down to business.
They do not stint on gifts and in every possible way show their love and care to their close people. But their excessive attention to their appearance, which serves only to play the audience, may seem pathetic and unnecessary.
The greatest increase in strength they feel at the end of summer, when the air becomes more moist and the rapid arrival of spring is felt. The organs that are most susceptible to diseases in the Earth Rats are the stomach and the spleen (which is due to their strong infatuation with sweet food). The greatest preference they give to dishes and beef and corn. Because of the passion for sweets, Earth Rats often suffer from obesity and therefore they need an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Yellow color is a symbol of well-being and success for the Earth Rat.

Earth Rat Man

People born in the year of the Earth Rats are famous for their restraint, the ability to make informed decisions. They do not like risk, they are not at all inclined, they prefer to work hard and hard. They are proud of the work done, they like to see the results of their efforts. True, the propensity for long reflections, slowness sometimes does not go to the benefit of the matter. They miss the favorable chances to prove themselves, that’s why they often work in rank-and-file positions. However, do not suffer painful suffering in this regard, do not hesitate to their profession. They are quiet people, devoid of ambition, although they have a sharp mind, cunning, characteristic of all Rats.
The men of this sign are naturally wise, therefore traps traced by women are easily avoided. They control their feelings well, they are not at all sentimental, but they are always extremely polite and benevolent. Beautiful ladies can not reproach them for their indifferent attitude to their needs. Earth Rats men are attentive and caring, they like to pamper their loved ones. Hard-working people do not see the point of saving, because they are able to earn much more money than was spent. True, they are subject to doubt, with them there are fits of stinginess. Close people should as much as possible praise the men of this sign, they need approval.

Earth Rat Woman

The life of women of this sign proceeds quite calmly, they do not want to quarrel and find out the relationship. They are little pleased with the usual female joys: gossip, intrigue. Do not like to discuss, let alone condemn other people, always honestly express their opinion. But Earth Rats are very hardworking women, they give a lot of energy to their favorite business. Colleagues on work highly appreciate their professional qualities, try to entrust the most important projects. In resolving business issues they show firmness, for all their goodwill, they rarely agree with the suggestions of other people. They are not proud, arrogant women, but they will not allow anyone to neglect their own interests.
Shrewd Earth Rats are women who know their worth. They will not associate their fate with a frivolous, fickle man. They demand respect and submission, and have the full right to do so. Never go down to squabbles and intrigues, try to surround loved ones with love and care. Practical enough to not spend money on trifles, prudent and straightforward. Any man will be happy in alliance with a representative of this sign. Earth Rat is a devoted wife, a loving and caring mother. All her aspirations are aimed at making the family life harmonious and calm, but for the whims, scandals and betrayals this woman has neither time nor desire.

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