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Earth Rabbit Years: 1939, 1999, 2059

Earth Rabbit

Earth Rabbit Years: 1939, 1999, 2059
Active ElementEarth
Associated Sun SignPisces ♓
Rabbit ElementsWood RabbitFire RabbitEarth RabbitMetal RabbitWater Rabbit.
Earth Rabbit is persistent, hardworking, with a well-developed sense of foreseeing the situation for the future. Degree, intelligence and thoroughness make him a good partner in any business, especially related to the sphere of circulation of solid financial means. Excessive reinsurance and alertness greatly reduces the possibilities for self-realization of this Rabbit.
This is a very serious and hard Rabbit, his goals are clear and definite, he is very intelligent and calculates every step he takes. He is cautious in expressing emotions, balanced, perceptive; he always has a realistic view of things. All this is liked by those in the social hierarchy who are above it.
Earth element makes Rabbit more constant and less self-indulgent, although this constancy is a passive kind. The Earth Rabbit is a self-introspective introvert that goes into itself as soon as it has problems. He tries to maintain harmony with his inner world and only under this condition can effectively act in an external world. He never doubts how to use the available resources for a wise solution to the problem.
The Earth Rabbit is a materialist; most of all he is concerned about his own well-being. He is indifferent to the needs of other people, if they do not coincide with his own goals. However, he has enough humility to realize his shortcomings and try to cope with them.

Earth Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

According to the Chinese horoscope, the earth is a symbol of the corresponding slow progress of the process of transformation of various forms and contents. This is an excellent place for a rabbit to feel in a calm and peaceful environment. Given this fact, it should be noted that the sign of the zodiac very favorably influences representatives of this type, giving them a balanced character and the ability to quickly regenerate the internal resources of the body.
The element of the earth directly affects the behavior of rabbits, increasing phlegmaticity, which leads to the appearance of bright features in the behavior expressed in love for spending free time at home and avoiding visits to various entertainment activities. This must be taken into account and not take offense at the representatives of this sign of the zodiac because such behavior is a direct proof to the relation of the element under the protection of the element in question.
Positive traits of character are seen by such hares, there is a pragmatic attitude towards life and a firm position in relation to various issues. This fact is very important and requires special attention since such people in most cases have a good and highly paid job and the ability to provide for themselves and all members of the family, demanding in replacement only the comfort of the surrounding world.
Under no circumstances is it permissible to allow representatives of the zodiac sign to close, since such cases in most situations have a very negative course, followed by the imposition of a specific strain.
Favorable times consider the last weeks of the summer month. They feel good in a damp climate, experiencing an upsurge in vitality and the desire to take steps to achieve certain goals. It is worth considering carefully to the stomach and spleen and to observe the correct diet with eating food recommended by dietitians. Very, the positive moment will be the active recreation, which is any kind of sport.

Earth Rabbit Man

Serious man to any case is very responsible, trying to choose the most acceptable option from all possible. For him there is nothing more important than his own interests. Earth Rabbit man is too smart and astute to have fun and have fun. Likes to spend time alone, does not suffer from the absence of friends. Although a couple of devoted people to him still there. Particularly respectful of the man of this sign are at work, he is considered one of the best specialists. He works with great efficiency, dedicates himself to his favorite work. Failures even upset him, but they do not knock him out of the way. He is a very ambitious and ambitious person.
Earth Rabbit man is modest, does not look like a smoothie. However, many women go crazy about him. It seems that this serious man keeps many secrets, I want to get to know him more quickly. In dealing with the opposite sex behaves politely, it is never impossible to understand whether he likes his companion or not. But a strong feeling turns him into a passionate man, love can inspire Earth Bunny to brave deeds. Normal restraint and seclusion are instantly replaced by cheerfulness, a desire to surprise their beloved. He is quite capable of romantic actions, although he himself does not know about it.

Earth Rabbit Woman

This balanced woman tries not to make hasty decisions. Do not listen to the advice of others, it is important for her to figure it out. At work is considered one of the best employees, is highly respected. Responsible to his case, not distracted by trifles. Many consider her a little withdrawn and even indifferent, but Earth Rabbit is self-sufficient, does not pay attention to rumors and gossip. Her favorite thing is important for her, but her relationship with people is of little concern to her. Due to his calm nature he avoids serious trouble. Do not encounter in conflicts, do not find out the relationship, leads a quiet lifestyle.
For men, Earth Rabbit woman — a mysterious person, causing interest. It seems that she lives her own, some special life. She likes to reflect, read, does not like noisy companies. To win the trust of a woman of this sign is not so simple. Interested in it can only smart, educated man. But frivolous rake, most likely, will cause rejection, she is indifferent to compliments. Having married, begins to lead an even more measured way of life. She devotes all his time to the family, takes care of the husband and children with pleasure. The truth sometimes shows irritability and impatience, but only in exceptional cases, when children show extreme disobedience.

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